"What Is Will Power?"

Will Power is your own ability to overcome laziness and procrastination. It's your drive to force yourself to accomplish the goals you want. The bottom line is that everything you want is completely up to you.

That's why having a strong Will is very important. It is a combination of perseverance, determination, inner strength, and self discipline.

Self-discipline is where you get the stamina to persevere. With it, you withstand hardships and difficulties, whether physical, emotional or mental. It is one of the corner stones of success, both spiritual and material. Here's a link to an article that I found inspiring about the Will.

"What It Isn't"

You do not impose your Will upon someone or something else to force them to do something for you. This is not its purpose.

You have a right to pursue your dreams. But it doesn't include forcing someone against their own will to assist you. If you meet with resistance, give it up, and find another solution or person to help you.

"The Will Resides In The Energetic Kidneys"

You've already seen how the Intellect overlaps the memory functions of the Kidneys. Your Intellect is responsible for memorizing during studying while your Will Power is responsible for storing data over the long term.

If your Will is strong, then when you think of something, you decide to do it, and then you take action. Getting ideas comes from the Ethereal Soul or the Intellect. Making a decision depends on the Liver and the Gall Bladder. Acting on the decision depends on the drive from the Will Power of the Kidneys.

"Strong Connection Between The Mind And The Will"

If the Kidneys are Strong, then the Will will carry through. You'll be driven, enthusiastic, motivated, and determined to achieve your goals.

The Will must be coordinated by the Mind. It gives the Mind the drive and determination in your pursuit of goals. If the Mind is clear, but the Will Power is weak, then you won't have the drive to get what you want. So the Mind is the basis of the Will.

If the Mind is weak or immature, but the Will is strong, then you get a situation like the toddler that says "No" a lot. This is NOT a pathological response.

If it's an adult, a weak Mind and strong Will may be a problem. That person is reckless and takes excessive risks. This may be pathological.

"Weak Kidneys Affect The Will"

If the Kidneys are weak, then you'll lack drive and initiative. You'll be easily discouraged and swayed away from what you want. A deficiency in the Kidneys and Will Power has a lot to do with chronic depression.

The Kidneys are weakened by too much hard work, hard play, and not enough sleep or rest to recuperate from it. Since the Kidneys govern reproduction, excessive sexual activity (which depends on your particular constitution) and too many births are factors. If you're female, weak Kidneys make it difficult to become pregnant. If you're male, you may suffer from erectile dysfunction and impotence.

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