"Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important?"

So why is emotional intelligence important to you and your kids? More than ever you can't keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. Genetics is really a thought handed down to the next generation from the last generation. You don't know why you do certain things or feel a certain way or react a certain way. It's because ideas are handed down to you.

Some of these things definitely cause disease. Let’s do something different with this next generation. Let’s break the endless cycles of destructive behaviour that have been handed down from the generations. Great grandmother to grandmother to mother to daughter or from great grandfather to grandfather to father to son. Don't accept things just because it's been like this for generations. Get proactive. You have a choice.

"This Is A First Step"

There are many other steps that will lead your children (and your self) to love themselves. Therefore they will be confident and happy and accept life as it presents itself, good or bad. Kids already knew how to do that when they were babies.

If you can keep it up, it’ll make them strong and resilient. Then the self esteem is naturally there. The love for one's self is there. Then they'll take care of their bodies because they will RESPECT themselves. The physical and mental/emotional/spiritual health is naturally there. If there is love then you won't abuse your self and your body.

"Loving Your Self"

When you love your self and listen to the messages you get, you'll discover your purpose far sooner than currently happens now. Why wait until you’re in your 40s and 50s and beyond to discover what was always there inside of you? What of the pain and suffering that many endure, settling for second best due to fear of the unknown? Pity the ones who leave the planet and never discover how brilliant they truly are! Let’s do something different with this next generation!

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