"What Is Emotional Intelligence?"

What is Emotional Intelligence? Ever notice babies? When you were a baby and you were happy, you laughed AND smiled with your entire body. You kicked and gurgled and made cute noises. When you were sad or uncomfortable, you cried AND screamed with your entire body. You kicked furiously, waved your little arms, moved your little body.

"You Knew Nothing About Decorum."

You hadn't been socialized or taught what’s “wrong” or what’s “right” or what’s appropriate. It was the only way you could let the adults around you, know what was going on. And you got some sort of reaction out of them.

As you grew, you learned how to speak words. But you were always verbal. And that is not insignificant.

You still used body language, but it became more obvious what you needed, such as when you needed to go to the washroom - ASAP! And it later became more subtle. You also learned body language from older people around you. One little tyke, I recall years ago, use to roll his eyes as if in disgust and he was only 2 years old. I don’t think he knew the meaning behind the body language, but he sure looked hilarious doing it!

Emotional Intelligence is the acceptance of emotions as part of you being human. Babies aren't afraid of their emotions. Babies aren't afraid of their bodies. At this point they may be controlled by their emotions, but it's okay. They want to survive.

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