"What Are Chakras?"

The best definition I've seen for "what are chakras" is a seven-level philosophical model of the universe. The chakras and the chakra system come out of the ancient practice of yoga. Yoga means "yoke". It is a discipline for yoking you to the divine with physical and mental practices. I helps you to advance through the many levels of consciousness.

The chakras are the different levels of consciousness. They are energy centres on your subtle energetic body. The concept is about 4000 years old. These energy centres represent the stages of child development and beyond. They also just happen to meld quite nicely with another ancient system, Chinese medicine. 

I am going to talk about the 7 chakras which relate closely to your physical dense body. There's lots more than that, but these are the ones that explain early child development, your development. I'm just giving you basic information to get you started.

You can't see them on your body but they have a definite influence, whether you believe in them or not. They exist and their current state affects you because you affect their state. Physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You'll be really surprised as you read my other links.

"What Are Chakras for?"

The chakras store information about every experience you have. In this life or past lives as well as some information for future lives. They are described as vortices, disks, or wheels. They have been described as part of your human computer system.

They are aligned along the vertical midline of your body, front and back. Your life experiences are stored in these chakras. They actually form a program of your life. And you react or live life according to these programs. Later you'll see how the events in your life affect your health, good or bad.

Different types of information is stored in each chakra. They each have a different task and influence different parts of the body. They are all well organized. Now they also affect each other, so that if one is imbalanced, one or all chakras are affected. Each chakra should be "open" in order for energy to flow through to the next. Energy must flow freely and yet it is possible to be too open as well as closed.

And like a computer, you can reprogram yourself! Next, I'll show where they are located in your body, in Chakra Locations.

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