"Transpersonal Psychology: Mind, Body, And Spirit At Last!"

Transpersonal psychology is a branch of psychology that examines the spiritual aspects of the human experience. Modern psychologists and psychiatrists are aware of this branch but most dismiss it. But what I've been doing in almost every page on this website is show you the connection between body, mind, and spirit. Your spiritual life is crucial for you and others to be happy people. You can't ignore it anymore because it's always staring at you in the face.

This isn't New Age. People are finally waking up and going back to Ancient Wisdom for answers. Too much human experience gets squished down into little intellectual boxes of "rationalism". The brainwashing has to stop and it stops right here!

The following picture is an optical illusion. What are you really missing? What are you really seeing?

"Chinese Medicine Is Part Of The Movement"

I've already introduced you to the spiritual aspects of Chinese Medicine. You are a soul. Chinese medicine just happens to have two, one that governs your inner self. The other governs your physical being. You may review these again in Being Human, namely in the sections:

• The science of the Mind . It explains what the Mind is like when it's healthy and when there's illness.
• Chinese spiritual science explains your behaviour. There are two souls in Chinese philosophy. They are the Ethereal Soul of the Liver and the Corporeal Soul of the Lungs. They are very significant in your life.
• Your Intellect resides in the Spleen and is responsible for critical thinking, applied thinking, studying, memorizing, concentrating, and generating ideas.
• Your Will Power which is housed by the Kidneys. It's responsible for drive, determination, single-mindedness in the pursuit of your goals, enthusiasm, and motivation.

I've introduced some of the spiritual aspects here about child behavior. Next I'll teach you about the chakra system, another ancient system, which just happens to meld well with Chinese Medicine.

"Chakras Are Another Ancient System That Explains Human Behavior"

Transpersonal psychology leads you to answers. This time I'll guide you through another ancient system called the chakra system. This system is extremely useful for explaining why your life is the way it is. I'll start with the basics. These include

What are chakras? Again, it's all about energy.
• Where are the chakra locations? There are 7 of, but not on the body.
• Chakra definitions. Why they are significant.
Chakra colour chart. Each chakra vibrates at a particular frequency or band width.
• Chakra health. What happens when your chakras are balanced.
• Chakra blockages. What happens when your chakras are imbalanced.

"Transpersonal Psychology and ADHD Autism"

Modern medicine says that ADHD and autism are mental problems. BUT they keep looking at the brain for clues for causes. There is nothing consistent about the structure of the brain from "sufferer" to "sufferer". At best they are only guessing. And they test out their theories on your children.

All physical "injuries" and accidents originate at your spiritual level. If you keep thinking the same thoughts and repeating the same bad habits, you get into trouble. If you're not dealing with your mental/emotional issues, then you WILL suffer physical symptoms. The body is always a reflection of your past (at any time instance). The longer you don't deal with the emotional issues in your life, the harder it becomes for you physically.

If you're not dealing with your own issues then you WILL pass them down to your offspring. Unless their own consciousness is strong enough to reject yours. Yeap. That's the true meaning of genetics and heredity. That's why there's racism, prejudice, and war. That's why there's prosperity in some families and poverty in others. It works both ways.

Positive or negative, whatever happens to you or your children is due to beliefs. I see it played out not only in my clients but in the people I meet. I can see it in your face, in your body. I can see it in the way you carry yourself, the way you walk.

So for me, transpersonal psychology has the answers that most people are looking for all their problems. Since I am most interested in spiritual well being in anyone I'm helping, this is where I always starts. What's really bugging you? What's bugging your kids?

"True Cause And Effect"

What you think about most of the time creates your reality. Transpersonal psychology must be taken seriously. Can you afford to continue to disconnect from your very being? Can you afford that for your children?

Depending on your constitution you will develop either mental or physical problems. That's why something like transpersonal psychology is a breath of fresh air. People who study these aspects realize that there's a reason why people aren't healthier.

"Transpersonal Psychology Helps You To Connect The Dots"

You are different from your children. You are different from any other human being. It comes down to your experiences and how you dealt or did not deal with them. The thing is, you probably haven't been taught where to start, never mind what to do! Start looking and paying attention to the individual and you start getting answers! Transpersonal psychology is an important step in the right direction. Until proponents of modern medicine start getting out of their head and intellectualizing everything, they will continue to fail to deliver real solutions for ADHD Autism.

You got a quick overview of the chakras here. Then in Stages of Child Development you can look at how the chakras are involved in your development as a human being. You have to connect all the dots: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This is what Being Human is all about. And really the spiritual is the basis of all health, in all of its forms. That's because if you're not dealing with an upset in your life right away then eventually the problem escalates. It escalates until there is pain or disease in the body. You see, your body demonstrates what has happened in the past.

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