"Speech Delay Is Frightening"

Speech delay is a serious topic. You may wonder if the hearing is impaired or whether there is a brain dysfunction. Here's a different perspective. It's energetic.

This is a list of speech delay problems associated with autism:

• Either delay of or no development of speech.
• Speech is abnormal in content or quality.
• Difficulty expressing needs and wants, verbally and/or nonverbally.
• Words or phrases are repeated back when spoken to (echolalia).
• Inability to begin or sustain conversation.
• Either no or poorly developed imaginary play.
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"Why Would Someone Not Speak?"

By looking at the problem in a different way, you can see what else might emerge. Consider the throat chakra which is located right in the throat. The energy centres must be open to function. An energetic blockage here, means that the person feels that they will not be heard if they speak.

Remember, you are an energetic being.

"They Feel No One Will Listen."

The Lung System governs this area energetically also. Chronic problems in this area, such as frequent sore throats, laryngitis, etc, reveal a blockage due to sadness or grief. A person may feel sad because when they speak up, they are almost always ignored or told to shut up.

So what do they eventually do? They shut down. Somewhere or sometime in their lives, they feel that they have nothing worth saying. So they don't speak.

If you know the cause, you can treat it. If you can treat it, you have a solution. You can also prevent it from happening again.

Speech delay can be reversed.

"She Let Go And Allowed Him To Speak"

A mother told me the story of her son who had been diagnosed autistic because he wasn't speaking at the age of 7. When I met him, it was years later and he was articulate. No more speech delay.

I never thought of him as being autistic (remember, I don't go by labels). She told me recently what happened - she said that she controlled him at the time of the diagnosis. It took courage for her to tell me that. But she was matter-of-fact.

She is a very good mother and is very straight forward with her kids. There is no pity in the relationship. Her son just turned 17. He goes to a private school. His marks are in the high 80s and 90s. He wants to be a veternarian. He expresses himself well.

He's recovered from whatever happened to him.

"There Was Definitely Love There"

My oldest son, Nolan, was a quick little speaker. He was speaking, by the time he was 7 months old, single words. My youngest was more normal at first and was later delayed as a toddler.

He was well over 2 years old and he could not complete his sentences. He'd start to say something and then he ended his sentences with baby talk.

I was baffled and concerned. Then I discovered the reason for his impaired communication skills.

I observed that both his older brother, 6 years older, and his nanny, were finishing his sentences for him! So when Aidan tried to speak, his brother and nanny somehow knew what he wanted and verbalized it for him.

I had to force Aidan to finish his sentences. I told Aidan that I wouldn't give him what he wanted unless he asked for it, in complete sentences.

I told Aidan that I knew that he knew the words. Then I told everyone else to do the same thing. After some time and effort, he began to do his own speaking and became verbally functional.

Many times the reasons aren't obvious.

It was by accident that I found out that my little boy was aided with good intentions. But it was messing him up! Look for clues. Ask and you shall receive. There IS an explanation. And sometimes it's hard to face.

"Don't give up!"

You do things because you love someone and have great intentions. You just don't realize what the implications are. Just like the stories above.

Everyone makes mistakes. If you discover a mistake, correct it. It's never about blame. It's about compassion, forgiveness, learning, and moving forward to solve a problem.

There is another viable approach. Speech delay can be reversed.

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