"The Chinese Science Of The Mind Places The Mind In Your Heart"

The science of the Mind in Chinese Medicine states that your Mind (Shen) is a Vital Substance. It resides in the Heart, which controls all mental activities of the Mind.

The Mind is included in a group of 5 mental spiritual aspects of human beings. These include the Ethereal Soul of the Liver, the Corporeal Soul of the Lung, the Intellect of the Spleen, and the Will Power of the Kidneys. You can view the different mental spiritual aspects as being different levels of consciousness.

The Mind integrates, coordinates, and controls the psychic influence of the four other spiritual aspects of the spirit.

"The Science Of The Mind Explains How It Is Created"

Your Mind is made of Qi and Essence. The Mind is the most subtle and nonmaterial form of Qi. Essence is the most dense form of it. Qi itself is in between these two in density.

Essence is the material basis of the Mind in a fetus and comes from both parents. Once the child is born, it depends on the Lung-Spleen/Stomach to nourish it plus the Essence stored in the kidneys.

"The Science Of The Mind Reveals The Functions Of The Mind"

If your Essence and Qi are strong and flourishing, then your Mind is happy, balanced, clear, and alert. It matures around the age of 7, which coincides with the beginning of the conscious mind. It is responsible for:

• Thinking
• Implicit memory that allows you to remember how to use your bicycle, play the piano, etc.
• Explicit memory of past events, along with the energetic Kidney.
• Consciousness.
• Insight.
• Cognition (perception, learning, and reasoning).
• Sleep, along with the Ethereal Soul.
• Intelligence.
• Wisdom.
• Ideas (supplied by the Ethereal Soul).
• Your senses (along with the Organs and the Corporeal Soul).
• Forming life from the Essences of the parents (along with the two souls).
• Defining you as an individual.
• Feeling and assessing your emotions (your emotional life).

All of your mental and emotional faculties are operational and you can make the most out of your life.

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