"Self Respect For Strong Parenting"

Self respect is the most important feeling that a parent must have. Everyone talks about self confidence when it comes to children, but adults have to have it in order to be both effective and successful - as parents, as professionals, anywhere in your life where you are required to stand up for yourself.

Yes, you need to stand up for yourself with your own children.

"Are You Too Nice?"

I have met people who are parents and who are very nice people. The weird thing was that I noticed that their kids were not as polite or nice. These very nice adults were raising kids who didn't behave the same way they did.

Why was that? As I began to see more of these contrasts in different families, I began to witness certain behaviours in the parents, when confronted with troubling behaviour of their off-spring.

These adults were often in denial that their children behaved in an inappropriate way, such as

• swearing,
• exhibiting other disrespectful behaviour,
• running around the dinner table,
• not eating their meals,
• not eating what was set before them and
• even very destructive behaviour.

The adults often shied away from even commenting about these things to their children.

When you have self respect you assert yourself with other people. That includes your children.

"Kids Have To Be Corrected"

In reality, kids, being humans, learn what they can get away with. Adults do it, too. And then they do it over and over again. Unless someone corrects them. The consequences may include any of the following: parents allowing themselves to be mistreated, either verbally or physically, or bullied.

It requires confident parents to confront and deal with their children.

"This Is The Rock"

Parents and schools may be concerned about students' self esteem. But it boils down to much more than merely feeling good about themselves. It's also about respecting others, too.

When parents don't have it, they can't share the life experience they have, the valuable lessons they've learned. Because their kids won't listen to them. They cannot teach or coach their children effectively to become self-sufficient adults.

Isn't that what we want for our children?

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