"Real Love Is Unconditional Love"

Real Love. Unconditional Love. Your emotions and your emotional intelligence make a difference to your mental/emotional/physical health. Different emotions create different vibrations.

Emotions are energy and you vibrate at a certain level, depending on what those emotions are. All things on this earth vibrate. Everything – biological or inert - is made up of molecules, atoms, protons, electrons, quarks, etc. All of this is moving around. All of it is vibrating.

As a human being, you are special. You vibrate at a certain level, depending on your predominant thoughts and feelings. You choose those thoughts, whether consciously or unconsciously. Start choosing your thoughts consciously. You can choose at what level you vibrate at.

"Real Love Is A Natural High"

Many scientific studies done in physics and physiology, on real people, prove that you vibrate at certain levels. The studies were done using muscle testing. Dr. Daivd R. Hawkins, MD, PHD, wrote the book, "Power Vs. Force" about the results.

Most scientists understand it. It just hasn’t permeated down to a practical medical use under conventional terms. Or they just don’t know what to do with the information. Other forms of medicine, from more ancient times, such as Chinese Medicine, understand the role emotions play in your health.

If you are in a good mood, you'll vibrate at a higher frequency and that’s good for your health. That’s because good positive feelings are beneficial to your health. Dr. Hawkins discovered a logarithmic scale that is based on the relative power of the energy of different attitudes, thoughts, feelings, situations, and relationships.

In his book, "Power Vs Force", Dr. Hawkins describes in descending order (from largest to smallest), a scale from 1000, which is the highest level of enlightenment, to 1, which is mere physical existence. He says that if you're below a level of 200, the primary motivation is personal survival, which isn’t very inspiring. You're in victimhood mode.

At and above 200, which is Courage, you have come to an emotional state where you choose to be a victor. You begin to care about other people. In the high 500s you have a strong interest in spiritual well being in your self and others.

Real Love, unconditional love, is at the level of 500. When you are at this level, you love the people around you in a pure way. You love them no matter what they say or do. You accept them for who they are. They don't owe you anything and you don't owe them anything. You can explore this concept on your own. I've found this information to be extremely useful for helping people to heal.

Your kids need you to accept them as they are. The family should be a place where everyone, adults and children, are appreciated just for being who they are. The home is where you should expect stability and a safe place.

If children learn from you about real love then they'll live and act this way too.

"Real Love Is Not Faked"

If you habitually do things for people because you feel obligated, without a genuine feeling of love, then you're only fooling yourself. It only makes you unhappy and feel like a drudge. And so, you're vibrating at a much lower frequency. It'll affect your health and your relationships with people.

Keep tabs on how you feel about things in your life. if you're merely tolerating things in your life that you don't like, it's actually taking its toll on you. You might as well start admitting some truths to yourself and then do something about them.

"Real Love Applies To Your Self Love"

Do you love yourself?
How do you feel about yourself?
Do you treat yourself well?
Do you practice a lot of self care? Self abuse is the opposite of self love, right?
Do you make negative remarks about yourself?
Do you often beat yourself up when you make a mistake?
Do you often keep living over and over mistakes you made in the DEEP past?

You have the right to love and to be loved. Are you carrying around some deep hurt that prevents you from loving yourself?

If you know real love for yourself then you'll also be lovable and loving.

"Real Love Is Easily Damaged"

All forms of abuse can do damage.

Sexual abuse.
Verbal abuse.
Mental/emotional abuse.
Severe physical abuse.
Over protection.

A person's self love is a fragile thing.

However, if there is damage and you're willing and determined you can heal. It's not too late to recover from traumatic incidents in your life. No matter how bad they were.

"Real Love Is Not Romantic Love"

Romantic love was invented for theatrical drama during the middle ages. It's about swooning and enchantment. But it's not lasting love. It's actually pretty tough to sustain. It can create unnecessary drama and high unrealistic expectations. It can stress you out.

Real love is built on a foundation of respect for the other person AND yourself. That's lasting. That endures through good times and tough times. That's the type of love you really want. That's what you want to give yourself and to the world.

Real love is, therefore, very strong and determined. Step right into yourself and give yourself a huge hug.

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