"Parenting Skills Anyone?"

Parenting skills are just like any other skills. You need them in order to accomplish an end.

Anything that is worth doing, requires skills, enthusiasm, and commitment. Child rearing is no different. Therefore, you need good parenting advice to become a good parent.

"Where Do You Get Parenting Advice?"

Most of you have learned from your own parents, while you were growing up. It's a good idea to seriously consider whether you feel satisfied, as a thinking and feeling human being, about your own experience as a child.

Or you can learn from older, wiser, more experienced people just in conversations with them. Be open to anything that makes sense to you.

There are also mountains of books and courses out there.

To be a good and effective parent, it takes:

Self Esteem
Family Communication
• Knowledge and Wisdom
• Tough Love

I find that getting a mixture of sources is good, especially if the people really do have experience in parenting. Speaking of which I found a great site with 20 parenting tips that I'm sure you'll find very useful, too.

"You Decide."

Because then you'll decide how you want to do things. You decide if you want to model after the way your parents parented you. Or you may decide to parent completely differently. Or you may mix and match your own methods with how your parents brought you up.

Your approach matters.

"Why Are Parenting Skills Important?"

All your children want from you, is to parent, to be a loving authority, to be an adult.

They don’t want you, in the early years at least, to be their friend or enemy, for that matter. They need support to get through the tough times and praise when they really deserve it.

They need to be loved for who they are, for all the cute things they say and do, and to be disciplined properly when they misbehave. Because as the adult, you know what is proper behaviour and what is not, in the public domain. Don’t expect the schools and teachers to do that for you.

There is one important lesson here and that is, even when they spend so much time at school or elsewhere, you are the most important adults in their lives and they look to you for everything.

Lofty, isn’t it? You never thought parenting was THAT important?

"Parenting Is SERIOUS Business."

Your parenting skills are going to be tested, over and over again. So the parenting tips that you'll receive here will talk about how your child develops and how what you say or do will affect them.

You are the number ONE person in your child's life. Don't underestimate your influence in what and how they'll think and act in the future.

Take nothing for granted! Your kids are depending on you.

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