"Mental Illness According To Chinese Medicine"

Mental Illness is due to 4 factors. They include the effects of Qi, Blood, Yin, and pathogenic factors. Given that there is no separation between body and mind, emotional stress will effect Qi, Blood, and Yin. And disharmony of Qi, Blood, and Yin (due to things others than emotional issues) will also affect mental wellness.

The following information is informational and not intended for diagnosis. It is certainly not an exhaustive study of all the causes of mental emotional issues. Only a professional can make a proper assessment. But, as you can see, the diagnosis is the cause, in Chinese Medicine.

"The Effect Of Qi"

The Mind is a form of Qi. When it is injured, the normal movement of Qi is hindered. Emotional stress causes improper circulation and movement of Qi. This is called stagnation and it affects the Liver, the Heart, and the Lungs.

You can see which and how negative emotions affect these organs in Organ Systems.

"The Effect Of Blood"

Blood provides the material foundation for the Mind and Spirit. This is how it works. If there's a deficiency in energetic Blood then there's not enough to "anchor" them. Heart-blood houses the Mind (shen). Liver-blood houses the Ethereal Soul.

If Heart-blood is deficient, then there are physical and mental/emotional issues. The emotional issues include depression, anxiety, and insomnia (the inability to fall asleep), among other things.

If Liver-blood is deficient there are also physical and mental/emotional problems. The emotional ones are insomnia, feeling anxious, and tired.

"The Effect Of Yin"

Blood is a part of Yin. The effects of emotional stress on Yin are similar to those on Blood. A deficiency of Yin is a deeper problem. Yin is cooling. So when there's a Yin deficiency, there is more heat in the body than usual.

Yin also anchors and houses the Mind. Emotional issues can affect the Heart, Liver, Kidneys, Lungs, and Spleen. If Yin deficiency causes pronounced mental illness, it is due to that increased internal heat. The heat causes agitation, anxiety, insomnia, and mental restlessness.

The table is a summary about how the Mind is affected in disease.

It is possible that a person may suffer from any combination or all three conditions.

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