"What Does Good Kidney Health Feel Like?"

Kidney health is very important to overall health. The Kidney-adrenals/Urinary Bladder Organ Systems are governed by the Water element (see Five Elements). No surprise, since both organs deal with fluids metabolism in your body. Namely the processing of urine and its elimination.

"The Father Of The Organs"

In Chinese medicine, the Kidney-adrenals are the root and foundation of your body. They rule the lower part of the body, from the lower back to the hips and the lower limbs. They are the root of Yin and Yang of your body.

If you have healthy Kidneys, then
• Your energy levels are high.
• Your body feels warm, but not overly warm.
• Your sexual health and performance is good.
• Reproductive health is good.
• Physical development is good.
• Bone growth is healthy.
• Bones are strong.
• Teeth are healthy and strong.
• Your head hair is thick and luxuriant in its natural colour.
• Mental capacity, such as memory and concentration are strong.
• You have self confidence.
• You have self esteem.
• Your have strong will power and self-discipline.

This is what healthy Kidneys look like in Chinese Medicine.

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