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"Human Potential" is about knowing who you are, living your purpose, being brave and bold, and understanding your natural state is happy, healthy, and wealthy! Here's what you get when you subscribe to my ezine:

• Contrarian and fresh health information that focuses on all aspects of your well being and that of your love ones.
• Understanding the real reasons why you become sick or ill and what to do about it.
• Drug free solutions.
• Positive medicine solutions.
• Holistic focus to heal spirit, mind, and body.

Acquiring good health is not about fighting a war. That attitude is part of the problem. Your body or brain is not at war with you. Instead turn to your self and your body with love and compassion. Then allow healing.

Here's what some readers have said about my writing:

"Hi Jo."

Thanks for copying me with your newsletter. Congratulations to the very “alive” and inspirational logo and design. The (interesting) articles are authentically you, a far cry from the boring cookie cutter stuff so widespread elsewhere. Great pic of you, too :-)

To growth,
Beat "B@" Schindler
Growth Coach
Office 770-751-6834
Cell 404-578-8928

"Great article, Joanny."

I particularly like what you said about making people manageable vs quality of life. This is something I am passionate about, being an Aunt to 8 kids and now that I have a baby boy. I know as a child I would have been diagnosed as ADHD if I had grown up today. I will happily stand up for children who are told they are out of control when they are simply being children vs being little beings that are supposed to be quiet and proper and not disruptive to our busy adult world!”

With regards,
Allyson Hill, Holy Fit Health Consulting, Fitness Training.
Performance Enhancement Imagery. Calgary, Alberta.

My "Human Potential" ezine is jam-packed with thought provoking and contrarian pieces that liberate you from the ordinary.

I totally embrace your individuality. That's individuality with responsibility, grace, and love. The kind that wants to make a difference in today's world.

You have reasons unique to you when you aren't feeling well. So a one-size-fits-all solution is always much less effective. Start learning about positive medicine that deals with individual solutions instead. Be brave. Be bold. Have courage. Start by reading my ezine, "Human Potential".

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I’m an expert on ADHD and Autism, Anger, and Insomnia. I help you to see your true potential as a human being. I help you to see the possibilities that life offers. I help you to take responsibility and accountability for your success. That, I believe, is what, in the long run, creates the overall health, peace, and harmony that you seek.

Do and say only inspired things. Never belittle yourself, even as a joke. Live from the quiet voice in your heart. Have a wonder-full day! Enjoy the information you are about to receive.

So it was. So it is. So it shall be. So Be It.

Dr. Joanny.

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