"Heart Disorders - What Are You Very Upset About?"

The following emotions don't look like they might create Heart Disorders. Joy is a good thing for you. But too much over excitement, over stimulation, excessive craving, and sudden joy (think winning the lottery) affect the Heart.

It’s not so much these emotions that create Heart disease energetically. But sustained ones will create problems. Since the Heart feels all of the emotions, any prolonged negative emotions will affect it.

“Does Your Chest Feel Strange Sometimes?”

Heart conditions always involve a funny feeling in your chest. The chest doesn't feel right. You may experience palpitations often for instance. Strong prolonged negative emotions may cause the following signs and symptoms:

• Strange feeling in the chest.
• Stuffiness in the chest.
• Mouth and tongue ulcers.
• Insomnia.
• Agitation.
• Mental restlessness.
• Constant chatter in the mind.
• In severe cases, there may be a tendency towards violence.

Heart disorders are very common in North America. Breast cancer scares a lot of people. Heart attacks and strokes affect both men and women. Imagine the weight of all these unreleased emotions flowing away from you.

"Where The Body Is Weakest"

This story is worth repeating because the Heart and the Lungs reside in the same body cavity and affect each other.

Christopher Reeve, the former actor turned quadriplegic, died of a heart attack. His wife died two years later of lung cancer. She was a non smoker, but it illustrates her emotional state. She was probably deeply affected by his health while he was alive and then grieved even more after his death. It was too much for her. She left their one child behind.

Death demonstrates how powerful unreleased emotions are. In this case, Dana Reeves' grief sustained fatal Lung disorders. Because Christopher suffered a heart attack, he likely suffered from prolonged grief and sadness from the loss of his former life and robust health. The Heart feels everything.

You see the interaction between the Heart and Lungs? In one person the Heart was weakest, therefore the Heart Disorder. In the other the Lungs were weakest. But they both died when they were unable to accept what life dealt them and release the harmful affects. They were both beautiful people who had tragic endings.

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