"What Do Healthy Lungs Feel Like?"

Metal governs the Lungs/Large Intestines (see Five Elements). Healthy Lungs create Qi energy for the body from the Qi it receives from the air you breathe and from the Qi of food and drink from the food you eat.

When there is health,
• Your nasal and air passages are clear and unobstructed.
• Your skin is clear, shining, and luminous.
• You have a natural glow.
• Your hair is shiny and healthy.
• You have a small healthy amount of mucous that lubricates your bodily functions.
• You are able to either avoid colds and flus or you are over them in short time. A cold usually takes about 7 days to get over it.
• Your immune system is strong.
• You can hold onto your principles and keep your commitments.
• You create order out of chaos.
• You are effective at what you do.
• You are emotionally strong enough to let go of objects or relationships when you sense they no longer serve you. It's natural to grieve and mourn, if appropriate, but you "get over" it and move on.
• You hold on when appropriate and also let go when necessary for your well being.

That's what it looks like to have Lung health in Chinese Medicine.

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