"What Does A Healthy Liver Feel Like?"

A healthy Liver in Chinese medicine is balanced. Liver/Gall Bladder are Wood elements (see Five Elements).

• There is a smooth and soothing flow of Qi energy throughout your body.
• Your feet can walk and your hands can grasp, as an old saying goes.
• Circulation is therefore good.
• All of your muscles are relaxed.
• You feel energetic.
• You have energy to move as you wish until the end of your day.
• Your digestion is good.
• If you are a woman, you have pretty good regular menstrual cycles, with little premenstrual discomfort.
• Fertility is healthy for both men and women.
• At night you sleep deeply and soundly through the night until morning.
• You feel calm and patient.
• You are open minded.
• You move forward with your plans.
• You move forward in your social life towards people.
• You have intuition.
• You have unerring judgment and make sound decisions.
• You are a good leader.

This is a standard of health. Compare yourself to it. Do you feel you have Liver health?

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