"What Does Healthy Digestion Feel Like?"

Healthy digestion is governed by the Spleen-pancreas/Stomach Organ Systems in Chinese Medicine. These are the Earth element organs (see Five Elements). They digest food and drink and produce a rough Qi. They then transport it to other Organ Systems to make Blood and Qi energy for general use in your body.

If this system is balanced and healthy, then
• You are hard-working, practical, and responsible.
• You like to nurture not only others, BUT ALSO YOURSELF. That's very important.
• You have endurance and energy to spare.
• You have firm muscle tone and can move about as you wish. In other words, you look GOOD.
• You're strong.
• You have good appetite and good digestion.
• You are stable mentally.
• You can focus and concentrate on your studies.
• You come up with ideas that solve problems.
• You are orderly, careful, and creative.

If you have great digestion then you're in good shape. If you also have sound Liver health, then you can use these traits to make good decisions. Nothing happens in isolation.

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