"Happy Kids Are Born That Way"

Chinese medicine knows what normal, happy kids look like.

Happy kids are perfect and beautiful. Each child born is perfect and beautiful.

They are energetic. They are impulsive. They are playful. They're inventive and imaginative. They virtually light up with life. They like being in their bodies.

They feel comfortable expressing their emotions. Kids are "what you see is what you get (WSIWYG)". When they're sad, they're sad. When they're angry, they're angry. When they're happy, that's how they feel. Children only know love.

They love being touched and hugged and touching and hugging you (always and only in appropriate ways). They are very curious. They want to have fun, yet they can be serious and earnest too. They are naive and non-discriminating.

They are honest. If they don't like something or someone, it's because they don't like something or someone. And yet they are forgiving.

Normal has a wide range. So some are shy, while others are very extroverted. Some are short. Some are tall.

"Born Out Of Balance"

When you are born, you are out of balance. You are immature mentally and emotionally. You are immature physically. You usually lack focus or strong concentration. You are immature because you are developmentally immature. And it lasts until you reach adulthood.

Compare the above characteristics with the ones for ADHD and many of the ones in the Autism page. Then come back and think about what I've just said. Does your ADHD or Autistic kid sound, well, more normal?

"They Really Are Just Being Themselves"

Normal kids will have their good days and bad days, just like you. You have to deal with their temper tantrums.

Accept that emotions are to be dealt with, not denied or ignored. Do you understand their importance to your overall health?

So in the following pages, you'll read about:

Child behavior - I'll explain why kids are the way they are, according to Chinese Medicine.
Emotional Intelligence - here's what it really means to be intelligent about the emotions.
Real Love - as opposed to faking it.
Bullying - no one loves a bully or being bullied, but love is what they really want.
Study Habits - make no mistake - your kids are perfectly capable of doing homework by themselves!

"Your Attitudes Matter"

Happy kids also have happy, self assured parents. Yes, you must feel secure and happy in your own life. You reflect that on your kids and they reflect back to you.

You are not a mind reader. Your kids are not mind readers. If you are, that's great, use that skill to help people. You have to show your kids how much you love them, not just love them silently or tell them. Show them. Hug them. Celebrate with them. Also discipline them. Show them. By how you live. By how you act.

Happy kids are respected. Their boundaries are respected. They get all the non-material things that really matter. These effects last a very long time. It's free to treat another human being well. You get so much back when this happens.

Happy children are also healthy eaters. What you eat is what you are and what you feel. Growing bodies need nourishment and exercise. Channel their energies into healthy activities. In a family setting with you.

Celebrate each of your kids for who they are. Celebrate their uniqueness. And they'll give it all back to you and the world.

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