"Examples Of Emotional Intelligence"

I have a couple of examples of Emotional Intelligence to give you. In the Western hemisphere, you are culturally taught to be afraid of emotions. You've been taught to put all of your faith into your intellect.

A good friend of mine, from Malaysia, once remarked to me that a colleague of his, who had finalized his divorce that morning, returned to work that same afternoon. He wondered how his friend did not take some time to grieve for the end of his marriage. I had no answer for him at the time.

"Babies Are Very Body Aware"

This is the time when you were true to your self and not afraid of it. Whatever you felt, you communicated it with your body. And when your body told you something, you acted accordingly. Mind, body, and spirit are congruent – on the same page.

I recall two very memorable examples of Emotional Intelligence from my two sons’ early years.

For my oldest, Nolan, we were hiking.

After several kilometers, our little two year old, stopped walking about three-quarters of the way. He just couldn’t lift his leg or foot to walk any further. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t cry. I watched him attempt to walk and he just couldn’t – he was THAT tired. So we just picked him up, carried him the rest of the way, and praised him for being so brave and doing so well.

For my youngest, his story happened years later because our two boys are several years apart. We climbed the stairs from street level near Prince’s Island in Calgary and went all the way up to Cresent Heights, an inner city neighbourhood. Aidan was about 2 years old then and he willingly walked up that long flight of stairs on those short but strong little legs.

If you know Calgary, you know those stairs go all the way up to the top of that cliff in the N.W. Many people, like me, work out on those stairs during lunch hours. Many people also use them for walking to and from work.

Little Aidan was able to go up about 75% of the way, when suddenly he stopped. He just couldn’t lift his leg up one more time. We could see he was trying to lift his leg up and waited patiently. The look on his face was calm. There was no crying or begging us to carry him.

We accepted the nonverbal communication, picked him up, and continued the rest of the way, all the while praising him for being so brave and so good.

"When To Listen And Obey"

Why is this important? These examples of Emotional Intelligence show there is no separation between their emotions, their bodies, and their minds. You can learn so much just by watching your kids in actions.

The boys knew they needed to stop doing what they were doing. Their body told them to rest and that's what they did. At the spur of the moment. Because of that, they remained healthy, instead of overtired and cranky and injured. Of course, it helped that we were open minded, empathetic, and nonjudgemental about our children's needs.

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