"Authentic Evidence Based Medicine"

Evidence based medicine is regarded highly. Of course you want to know that there is evidence that the treatments put forward to you will work.

But what does it really take to be evidence based medicine? You want good honest answers. You want to know that there is a proven record of success.

Success is based on results. The results should be repeatable in every person who gets that medicine. You want to know that you will in fact get better by using the medicine.

"The Proof Is In The Pudding"

Evidence based medicine should be based on results and those results should be repeatable. A lot of people with the same condition and the same root causes should be successfully helped by the same treatment.

It's really about effectiveness. This means: does the person heal from the ailment? This in turn means that a person no longer has symptoms related to the condition.

How simple is that? Isn't that what anyone wants?

"Only The Outcome Is Important"

This should be the only outcome of any treatment. Chinese medicine shines when it comes to evidence based medicine. The paradigm, complete with its own terminology, root causes, diagnostic methods, treatment principles and methods, work together with the patient, to cure what ails them.

The root cause is most important. An effective treatment can only reveal itself when you know why something has happened. Anything else is a mere guess.

The process to get a diagnosis is detailed. It's obtained by observation, touch, smell, listening, and asking questions. This is the only testing done. A friendly but detailed question period.

Also very important is the connection between two human beings, you and the doctor. You are not a piece of meat. You are unique. Your uniqueness is taken into great consideration in terms of finding ways to successfully treat you.

"Only Practiced On Humans"

The medicine was only practiced on people, not on animals. There is no wild speculation about how a treatment will affect a human being, because we know how it will affect the human being.

The techniques that are still used today were practiced and perfected on humans. The methods still work because human beings haven't changed much over thousands of years.

You are still an organic being who must eat, drink, exercise, rest, and socialize with other people. Your heart and your soul still need the same nourishment as all of mankind did before you.

If a treatment works, then symptoms disappear. There are no side effects. But there may be a healing reaction, when the body and/or mind reacts at some level to the treatment, as if awakened.

"It Trumps Western Medicine"

A few thousand years of clinical experience, as a professor of mine used to say, trumps any clinical study in western medicine that is done today. This is true evidence based medicine.

If you want evidence, there's lots of it. Chinese culture always admired thoroughness and scholarship. They were the great documentors in the ancient world.

It's rare when a modern medical study is conducted for more than a few years these days. Extremely rare is a study lasting 50 years, for example.

"Attitude Is Everything"

The strength of the medicine is due to its strong bond between the physical and the metaphysical. The unity between the body and the mind. You cannot neglect your mental, emotional, and spiritual health and expect to be well. You have to change that around and look at all aspects of yourself in order to heal.

Very young children are relatively easy to heal, not just because their bodies are ever changing, but because they do not resist healing. They allow it to happen because they have no prejudices, no preconceived ideas. They are open to what is good.

You just need to give them good guidance in taking care of the their bodies and minds. Your kids will do very well.

"It's Still Evolving"

Students of Chinese medicine still study from texts that may be either hundreds or thousands of years old. Scholars and practitioners are still translating and refining the meaning of the texts, mining them for more enlightenment.

It doesn't stand still. As it is practiced in many parts of the world, Chinese medicine continues to evolve and morph. New ideas and angles get injected into it. It just keeps getting better. It's a living breathing medicine. Rich in tradition and rich in diversity. It's a perfect match for finding even better solutions to your problems.

The evidence is in. The medicine works. Chinese medicine is one of the best evidence based medicines around. It gives your body and mind the tools to heal. And that is the best type of healing.

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