"Energy Medicine Heals!"

Chinese medicine is energy medicine. You are an energetic being. You are made up of cells. Those cells are made up of molecules and atoms. And these things are made up of even tinier particles called protons, electrons, etc. Again, these are also made up of even tinier particles.

You can see these things under very strong electron microscopes. And all of these tiny particles are vibrating. Energetically. Chemists, physicists, and biologists have concluded that you are an energetic being. You have a lot of chemical reactions going on. Plus you have electric impulses going on continuously.

That's energy medicine on the physical level. But there's a lot more to it. Energy isn't just about the physical. It's innate. It's like air. It's everywhere.

You're surrounded by it. You can absorb it if you know how.

"Energy Medicine Is About Connections"

There are 6 different Organ Systems in Chinese medicine. They include Spleen/Stomach system, Lung/Large Intestine system, Kidney/Urinary Bladder system, Heart/Small Intestine system, Liver/Gall Bladder system and the Pericardium/Triple Warmer system.

Each of these systems are affected by other systems. There is no such thing as isolated wellness or illness.

When the body is in disharmony or disease, you get one or more Organ Systems affecting one or more other systems. Nothing ever breaks down in isolation.

When there's health, all of the body's systems are in harmony with each other and the physical functions are efficient.

The Five Elements explains the theory.

"The Emotions Are Energetic"

Each one of the Organ Systems also has an emotion that affects them. Chinese medicine understands the close relationship between the body and the mind. The emotions affect the Organs.

This is what makes Chinese medicine Holistic Medicine.

There are also energy centres and acupuncture channels in your body. When you are healthy, energy flows freely to and through those centres and acupuncture meridians.

There are emotional aspects to each of the 7 physical chakras. There are also mental/emotional/spirtual attributes to each of the acupuncture points on the meridians. This means that you can be treated for any known mental, emotional, or spiritual issues that you have.

Energy should be flowing freely through the chakras and through the meridians. So energy flows to your limbs, throughout your body, to support all of your everyday activities.

When your mind is at ease, your feel free and happy. Your body, also at ease, feels comfortable, painless. If you're exhausted or struggling to get through the day or you're in pain often, then you've got at least one blockage to that flow.

"Several Standards of Health"

Why is it important to have a standard of health? It tells you what health looks like and you can compare it to how you feel. Good health is about being in harmony and balance. This is what physical good health looks like.

You have a clear lustrous complexion.
Your eyes sparkle and shine.
You have few aches and pains.
You move about as you wish and when you want to.
You hear well with no ringing or other sounds in the ears.
You have a strong body with good muscle tone.
Your digestion is good.
Your elimination of all body wastes is regular and during waking hours.
Your libido is intact.
Your reproductive organs are all functioning normally.

Energy Medicine Heals At All Levels"

Energy medicine is also about how much you believe in your ability to heal. Your thoughts are energy too. When you use that energy coupled with the help of a guide, such as a Doctor of Chinese medicine, you will heal.

Today people are searching for all kinds of answers to their problems. They are beginning to realize that there has to be another way to live and feel. Chinese medicine heals at all levels. Don't waste your time. Instead, take advantage.

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