"Listen To Your Emotions!"

Your emotions tell you what is going on in your life. If you're repressing them, not acknowledging how you feel about things, then you're headed for trouble.

So, Anger, frustration, and resentment hurt your Liver/Gallbladder. Prolonged fear, anxiety, and shock hurt your Kidneys/Urinary Bladder. Prolonged grief and sadness hurt your Lungs/Large Intestine.

Over-thinking, worry, and concentrating over long periods of time affect your Spleen/Stomach. Finally, the Heart is affected by excess joy (mania), over stimulation, or excitement. Despite the various correspondences to the other Organs, all emotions affect the Heart.

In this culture, you are taught to rely mostly on your intellect, on the rational mind. If you do, you miss out on a lot. If you're male and you're not dealing with them, you're out of touch. You don't know what is reality and what isn't. If you're female, you're allowed more freedom, but you may be governed by them. Again, reality may be distorted and you may be overly hard on yourself and others.

“Are You Out Of Balance Emotionally?”

Both scenarios are out of balance and unhealthy. Let's qualify this.

Feeling any of the so-called negative emotions for a short time won't be a problem unless it's a real shock. If used properly, strong negative ones can give you the energy you need to accomplish POSITIVE things. See Emotional Intelligence for handling yourself better.

If you've never been taught how to handle your emotions, you may be completely unaware of how you're affected. So you may not know why you have health issues.

"Suppression or Repression Affects Your Physical Body"

Your intellect and your mind are mere tools. To worship only the rational mind is to miss out on the richness of living fully and creatively. Be reminded that when the Psyche develops, the emotions come first. Your conscious mind isn't developed until you're about 7 years old.

What you seek is balance. You should be neither controlled by your mind nor your emotions.

There's the physical aspects of the Organ Systems and also the emotional aspects of the Organ Systems. The strength of Chinese Medicine is that it recognizes the connection between your mental/spiritual aspects and their affects on your body.

I've already described briefly to you in Organ Systems what it looks like to be balanced and healthy. I'll get into more detail about how the emotions affect you if you're not dealing with them.

"You Will Always Get Sick"

Ultimately, if you're not dealing with your emotions well, then it always, and I mean ALWAYS, shows up in as physical symptoms. These include any pain or any physical discomfort, weight gain or loss, asthma, dry cough, blocked throat, insomnia, and urinary problems that you may be experiencing.

Degenerative diseases such as cancer in affected organs or heart disease have their roots in prolonged unresolved mental/emotional and spiritual pain. You've never been taught what's normal and what's not. You've never been taught how to deal with your emotions. You've never been taught how to listen to your body.

Let's go through each of the organ systems. The thing about Chinese Medicine that's so cool is that it doesn't matter what your age or gender is. The signs and symptoms are consistent in a set. But not everyone will have exactly the same set of signs and symptoms.

There will be enough evidence that will point a Chinese Medicine Doctor to the correct diagnosis of your condition. It's likely you won't have all of these signs.

The following information contains commonly seen signs and symptoms for each condition. It's informational only and certainly not exhaustive. It's not meant to be used to diagnose yourself or someone else. You need a qualified professional to do that. Each set is called a pattern. Often, especially in adults, there is a combination of patterns going on. It may be complex but not insurmountable.

"Anger Eats Away At You"

Anger, repressed anger, frustration, and resentment affects the Liver/Gall Bladder system.

The ability to deal with your emotions and letting them go benefits you. Remember, they hurt you a lot more than they hurt your target.

Here are some of the signs of anger, frustration, and resentment on your body: • Pulling sensation in ribcage and chest • Pain in the rib cage, mostly under the breast • Often sighing • Hiccup • Melancholy • Depression • Moodiness • Fluctuation of mental states • Nausea • Vomiting • Stomach pain • Sour regurgitation • Belching • Unhappiness • Face may be flushed or dark red, if severe • Feeling wound up • Feeling of a lump in the throat • Waking up in the hours between 1 A.M. and 3 A.M. You may also be waking up between midnight and 1 A.M. due to related issues.In females, • Irregular periods • Painful periods • Distension of breast before periods • Premenstrual tension & irritability

If anger, frustration, etc is repressed for a long time, then conditions known as Parkinson's can result. (Shaking with anger.) The issue with most people is that you often don't realize you're having these buried experiences. But your body never lies to you.

The Gall bladder is related to courage and initiative. Thus a deficient Gall Bladder may result in timidity and indecision.

Many of my clients come to me with several of these signs, many are unaware until I point them out to them.

"Sadness And Grief Deplete You"

Sadness and grief affect the Lungs and its related organ, the Large Intestines. There are so many people out there who are sad or grieving due to some sort of loss in their lives. It may be a death of a love one, the breakup of a relationship or marriage, the loss of a job, etc.

A Malaysian friend of mine told me about a colleague of his. His friend had just completed his divorce and there he was, right back at work, that very afternoon.

If we lived in a more conscious culture, this guy would never have come to work that day. He would have taken care of himself instead. He followed his rational mind, completely ignoring his body's needs for the day. How much of that neglect had anything to do with his marital problems, I can't say. But it was a factor for sure.

Often grief and sadness are accompanied by worry or guilt. Both worry and guilt are useless because they keep you helpless. Victim hood is the name of the game. You beat yourself up needlessly.

Some of the effects of sadness and grief are: • Shortness of breath • Cough • Watery sputum • Weak voice • Catch colds and flus easily • Daytime sweating (not due to exercise) • Dislike of cold • Tiredness • Skin problems • Dry skin • Dry throat • Dry mouth • Thirst • Pain in certain parts of the shoulder and arm, where the meridians are located. • Waking up between 3 A.M. and 5:00 A.M.

Also, did you know that chronic constipation indicates a definite difficulty of letting go of old ideas and thoughts?

I see a lot of signs of unreleased or repressed sadness and grief in some of my clients.

"Don't Let Fear Freeze You"

Fear, anxiety, and shock hurt the Kidneys and its related organ, the Urinary Bladder. Kidneys govern Yin and Yang in the body. All pathogenic affects produce an energetic deficiency in the body. Long term doubt and fear, as well as severe acute shock affect the Kidneys.

General affects on the body when there's Kidney Yang deficiency includes: • Soreness of back and knees • Impotence • Premature ejaculation • Cold back • Weak legs and knees • Copious,clear urination • Apathy • Swelling of the legs • Infertility in women • Poor appetite • Early morning diarrhea • Bright white pale complexion • Cold limbs • Lassitude

General affects on the body when there's Kidney Yin deficiency includes: • Dizziness • Tinnitus • Vertigo • Poor memory • Deafness • Sore back • Ache in bones • Nocturnal emissions • Night sweating • Dry mouth at night • 5 palms heat • Thirst • Constipation • Dark, scanty urine

These signs and symptoms are commonly seen in my clinic, in varying degrees.

"Overworking The Mental Faculties Taxes The Spleen/Stomach"

Excessive studying, thinking, worrying, and concentrating over long periods of time affect the Spleen/Stomach.

Here are the signs of too much mental work: • No appetite • Abdominal distension after eating • Loose stools • Tired • Lassitude • Sallow complexion • Weakness of limbsAbundance of mucous (Dampness) causes: • Nausea • Stuffiness of chest and epigastria • Feeling of heaviness • Possibly prolapse of stomach, uterus, or anus. • Possibly hernias

These are the most commonly seen in my clinic.

"The Heart Feels All Of The Emotions"

While joy is a good thing for you, too much over excitement, over stimulation, excessive craving, and sudden joy (think winning the lottery) affect the Heart.

Heart conditions always involve a funny feeling in your chest The chest doesn't feel right. You may experience palpitations often for instance.

Strong prolonged negative emotions may cause the following signs and symptoms: • Mouth and tongue ulcers • Insomnia • Feeling agitated • Mental restlessness • Red face • Feeling of heat • Dark urine or blood in urine • Bitter taste in mouth (esp. in morning after a poor sleep • Constant chatter in the mind • In severe case, there may be a tendency towards violence.

All emotions affect the Heart, so even when there are more prevalent signs of other organs affected, I always treat the Heart points in my clients.

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