"Emotional Intelligence Is What You Were Born With."

One of the textbook definitions of Emotional Intelligence is:

"The awareness of and ability to manage one's emotions in a healthy and productive manner."

It usually applies to business situations and is a measure of self control. The way I look at emotions is different (no surprise there!). You may feel emotions throughout the day. But to really have a healthy view of emotions you have to go way back to when you were very little.

Here's Aidan going through a bout with roseola or baby measles. Poor little guy! We had no idea what was bothering him, but he would go from feeling very uncomfortable to smiling again. He was very aware of his body and he demonstrated how he felt straight away, even within seconds of each emotion!

"Have Questions You're Dying To Ask?"

Let's look at the answers.

What Is Emotional Intelligence?
Why is it important?
Examples of it
How to enhance it?

"What About Negative Behavior?"

It’s not a free-for-all. Good behaviour still counts. Community standards still count. Obeying the law still counts. Good sense still counts. It just means you know how to constructively deal with how you feel.

Negative behaviour is not okay. Negative behaviour only gets you into more trouble and hurts you more than the target of your dismay. Do something positive with the emotion – strong emotions can make you more determined to complete a project or start something new or change a direction.

"Remember, You're The Adult"

Some things are just simply not up for negotiation, like bed time, meal time, bath time, going to school, homework, playtime, etc. Kids need their rest and they need discipline and they need to learn responsibility.

They still require sound guidance. Being the adult, you are the most experienced adult they will ever look to for guidance. Again, explain, and in the case of bedtime, firmly lead them to their bedroom. Have a routine: bath time, story time, then sleep time, for instance. Lead them back if they escape from their bedroom. Firmness and consistency.

"An Exception To Every Rule"

The only exception is situations when there is danger. Certainly you may have to physically carry or push them out of the way. No time for explanations here until afterwards! Adults are responsible for and to children until they reach the age of majority. Common sense must prevail.

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