"Listen To Your Emotions For Emotional Health"

Your emotions tell you what is going on in your life. Emotional health depends upon how well you deal with life. If you're repressing your emotions, not acknowledging how you feel about things, or ignoring them, then you're headed for trouble.

In this culture, you are taught to rely mostly on your intellect, on the rational mind. If you do, you miss out on a lot because:

If you're male and you are not dealing with them, you are out of touch. You don't know what is reality and what is not.
If you're female, you may be governed by your emotions. Again, reality may be distorted and you may be overly hard on yourself.

"Don't Just Rely On Your Intellect"

Your intellect and your brain are only tools. To worship only the rational mind is to miss out on the richness of living fully and creatively. Be reminded that when the human Psyche develops, the emotions (Subconscious mind) come first. Your conscious mind (Intellect) isn't developed until you're about 7 years old.

The strength of Chinese Medicine is that it recognizes the connection between your emotions and their affects on your body. These links illustrate the meaning of health according to Chinese Medicine.

Here's what a Healthy Liver feels like.
Here's how to promote Kidney Health .
Here's what Healthy Lungs feel like.
Here's how it feels like to have Healthy Digestion.
Here's what you feel like when you have a Healthy Heart.

Take care of your emotional health and it'll take care of you.

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