“Are You Suffering From Emotional Disorders?”

When you're suffering from emotional disorders, you're out of balance and therefore, unhealthy. Let's qualify this. If you feel certain emotions over a long period of time or had a recent shock, that causes disease.

Feeling any of the so-called negative emotions for a short time won't be a problem. Unless it's a real shock. If used properly, strong negative emotions can give you the energy you need to accomplish POSITIVE things.

"You Can't Hide From Your Emotions"

Ultimately, if you're not dealing with your negative emotions, then it always manifests as chronic physical symptoms. These include any pain or any physical discomfort, weight gain or loss, asthma, dry cough, blocked throat, insomnia, and urinary problems.

Degenerative diseases such as cancer or heart disease have their roots in prolonged unresolved mental/emotional and spiritual pain. If you allow emotions to fester and prolong or you suppress them, then you are doing harm. Let's go through each of the organ systems. This time I'll talk about which emotions affect them and how the emotions affect you.

"Poor Emotional Health Is Where Disease Starts"

• So, Anger, frustration, and resentment hurt your Liver/Gallbladder. In fact they promote Liver Disorders.
• Prolonged fear, anxiety, and shock hurt your Kidneys/Urinary Bladder. Repressed or ignored emotions such as these cause Kidney Disorders.
• Prolonged grief and sadness hurt your Lungs/Large Intestine. They promote Lung Disorders.
• Over-thinking, worry, and concentrating over long periods of time affect your Spleen/Stomach. These promote Diseases of Digestive System.
• Finally, the Heart is affected by excess joy (mania), over stimulation, or excitement. Despite the various correspondences of emotions to the other Organs, all emotions affect the Heart. As a result, all kinds of Heart Disorders can be attributed to unresolved emotions. From breast cancer to heart attacks and strokes.

"Get A Diagnosis From A Professional"

The above links contain commonly seen signs and symptoms for emotional disorders. It's informational only and certainly not exhaustive. It's not meant to be used to diagnose yourself or someone else. You need a qualified professional to do that. Each of these sets is called a pattern. Often, there is a combination of patterns going on. It may be complex but not insurmountable.

Children feel the emotions from other people as well as their own. They are wide open until their conscious mind develops, around the age of 7 years. They usually heal a lot faster than adults, but with the correct mindset, even adults can cure themselves within a few weeks of treatment.

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