"About Dr Joanny Liu"

Hi, I'm Dr Joanny Liu and I'm the founder and president of Harmoni Health where I'm an educator and expert on the matters of ADHD, autism, anger, and insomnia. I help you with Chinese medicine and empowerment coaching to create balance, harmony, and peace in your life. Essentially what I do is help you to transform your life instead of merely managing your symptoms. By helping you to remove the causes of your symptoms, you truly heal and you begin living a fruitful life with new awareness.

I'm the author of my ezine, “Human Potential” which publishes twice a month, offering my hundreds of readers, thought-compelling and contrarian views on healthcare. Healthcare is what I deliver, not sickcare! I teach you what healthy really looks like and what it isn't. I teach you what healthy feels like and what it doesn't. I teach you what to look for when you fall out of balance and how to get it back.

I'm also the creator of “Break The Cycle: Awareness Is Empowerment”. This course helps you to identify the underlying origins of behaviour in yourself and in your children. People are often at a loss when they want to make changes. They often don’t know where to start. Awareness is a major step in the right direction.

In turn, Harmoni Health's motto of "More Life. More Living. More joy." reflects the reality of what people are seeking in their lives. Healthcare must deliver the results that people want. Right now, there is so much emphasis and research about tiny bits and pieces, that modern doctors have forgotten that THEY ARE TREATING human beings, not just the bits and pieces!

"My Beginnings…"

I was a teenager when I first became curious about what it takes to be healthy and well. You see, I really didn’t like being sick. So I began to research. I didn’t realize at the time that what I was doing was preventive medicine!

I soon realized that true health comes only from natural sources. I was concerned mostly about physical health, not realizing how much it affected mental and emotional health. So I researched a lot about diet and physical fitness and also practiced everything I learned. I experimented and discarded what didn’t work as well as kept what did work. I figure that I learnt so much, that I’ve forgotten more than what other people today can teach me!

Much later I found that I had to take care of my emotional needs. That explained my aches and pains. And then even later, I found that it’s also very important to live a purposeful life. I was completely unaware of the fact that I am a spiritual being, but at last I realized that I must have known at some level, all the time. I’ve become quite aware that the life we created for ourselves and for our family was no accident.

"Our Family Life"

I'm the mother of two boys, Nolan and Aidan Wong. They are 6 years apart in age and are adults now. Nolan is a Chemical Engineer from the University Of Alberta. Aidan is studying sculpture at the Alberta College Of Art And Design. They are each well suited for their chosen fields of interest.

Before the children came along, my husband, Steve, and I discussed how we would raise any children that came along. I wanted their experience to be different from mine and my husband, Steve, also wanted something different from his experience.

We laid out a blue print. I especially wanted my kids to know that they could do whatever they wanted. But they had to have education and training. They could express themselves. They would still be disciplined and be good citizens. As long as they acted within the law and understood good and evil, they would be fine.

I had high expectations for them, but the expectations were for them to outperform us and to do more, be more, and earn more than we did. Then we just made our plans and started to tell them how bright and smart they were from the very start.

It’s interesting, but I realize that I had two boys who were completely different from each other, though they share some of the same genes. And right from the start. My oldest, Nolan, was usually a very quiet baby – who didn’t even cry after being born. Aidan, born 6 years later, on the other hand, was already crying as he was being born. Nolan was shy, careful, and introspective. Aidan was already very assertive, outgoing, and adventurous. As you can see from the picture.

Nolan sat until he was 13.5 months old, when he finally began to crawl. He walked at 15 months. He focused on his intellect more and picked up language quickly, around 7 months. Aidan was very physically active, right from the womb. So much so, I was very sore until he was born. As a baby he learned to creep ON his back. He arched his back and the top of his head would touch the ground so he could see! Sort of. After bumping into things, he finally decided it was better to crawl on his hands and knees. So he was mobile a lot faster than Nolan was.

We used to have him run around the perimeter of the soccer field, when Nolan was playing, with a promise of a snack. But one day when he was about 8 or 9 years old, he sprayed Nolan's soccer coach with a water gun and the chase was on. Aidan's flip-flops went one way, he the other as Jorge tried to catch him. But didn't! Everyone wondered how fast he could run (he was running for dear life, of course!).

Eventually Aidan quit soccer and started to do 100 and 200 meter sprints to find out just how fast he really could run. After training with an excellent coach and applying himself, for a year, in grade 11, he won Gold in the High School City championships and was the bronze medalist in the entire province. Fast, active, and focused.

In Nolan, I felt right away he was going to get too “comfortable” and set in his ways. I did my best to bring his personality out from within him. For Aidan, I sensed that he was going to be a handful. So one needed pushing out, the other required reigning in. But they both grew up with discipline and general and specific expectations. Different for each child, because they were individuals and of course, because conditions and circumstances always change as well.

If they were growing up today, I am relatively sure that one would have been seen to be borderline autism and the other, surely, ADHD. ADHD was definitely just on the horizon when Aidan was born. All I ever saw in my babies was that they were bright and healthy AND that was all there was to it.

"Volunteering In My Neighborhood"

As a parent volunteer, I spearheaded the Edgemont community soccer program in Calgary, Alberta. The program doubled in size and tripled in programs in the three years I chaired the organization. I turned the soccer program into an all year program which includes spring/summer (outdoor) & fall/winter (indoor) programs. I expanded the program for girls to have their own teams, as well. Along with other competent and soccer crazy parents, the program flourished. The umbrella soccer association in Calgary, Calgary Minor Soccer Association, used to look north to Edgemont and see the great potential in soccer registrants up there.

I felt very responsible for every child in that program. It used to bring me such great joy every time I saw young, healthy, active children, as young as 3.5 years old, running around in the fresh air and sunshine! Having FUN! I loved my entire experience doing what I did.

Having been around literally hundreds and probably thousands of children over several years does give me a perspective. If children were over-active, they definitely benefitted from working off their energy. For a child like Aidan, exercise and good diet are a Godsend.

My husband as a coach, did not like his players drugged up, since it seemed to take the drive out of them. Or they behaved differently and unnaturally. He felt then, as today, that drugging kids up for ADHD was wrong.

And for children who may have been quieter, more drawn inside themselves, sport was a good way to draw them out and build confidence. Back then we didn't hear about autism. It was more about ADHD. We had all different types of kids play on our teams: shy ones, quiet ones, noisy ones, energetic ones, ones with tons of talent, others with lots of heart and willingness to learn. All kinds. And they proved they could play a game, participate on a team, improve their skills, and be a success on their own terms. That's all we ever asked. And so, we even won a few tournaments, from time to time.

"My Professional Life"

I am a former practicing Professional Engineer and Information Technology worker in the Province of Alberta, Canada. I spent almost two and a half decades working in large corporations in Calgary. During my last few years in corporate Calgary, I owned my own IT consulting company, working for clients such as CP Rail, Calgary Health Region, Talisman Energy, Enmax, and Transalta.

The day came when I just had to get of corporate life. I wanted more out of my life. I wanted to make a difference in people's lives. And I am definitely doing this right now. Mind you, I have no regrets of my former life, but life is nothing but about change. I finally accepted that I had to change me to get what I really wanted.

So I did my research, soul searched, and headed back to school. Full time, for about 3.5 years, right here in Calgary, at the Alberta College of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest school of this nature in Alberta.

Chinese Medicine is an entirely different paradigm, so coming from a pure and applied scientific background, the theory required me to wrap my mind around the concepts. But the day came, when I realized it was more important to understand than it is to merely memorize. I also realized that what I get from any training, is only the beginning. The rest I would learn on my own, if I was willing. So being open minded is important, because, yes, there's science and methodology involved, but helping people to heal is truly an art.

"My Body Challenged Me"

It was while I was a full time staff member for a major utility company, that I had a real health scare. I did my routine annual PAP test and it came back “positive”, that is, there were signs of precancerous cells. My reaction was anger. I felt betrayed by a body that I felt I treated with respect. I didn’t know at the time that I had not considered my emotional state. I had just moved a few months prior to a new position in the same company. I hated my last job in another department. I didn’t know then that my physical condition reflected the past (stresses of the job). But nevertheless, I was extremely angry and upset and cried all the way home with the news.

I researched and found that I didn’t come close to the profile of people who’d suffered from cervical cancer. So I was determined to be well. In the end, exploratory biopsies revealed no more than inflammation of the surrounding tissue and so, I was fine.

I continued my annual PAP tests for a few years after that. But since I no longer have a conventional medical doctor for many years now, I can say that I don’t need one. I don’t do PAP smears anymore. I don’t do anything that conjures up unnecessary fear. Instead I rely on what I know today, real preventive measures.

Much later, I realized it was my resolve NOT to capitulate to fear. I guess I've often just headed into new situations with two feet forward. And then thought my way out back into health.

"It All Came Together"

My childhood, my corporate career, my family life, and my traumatic health experience. Indeed, my entire life experience helped me to become who I am and to develop certain skills and aptitudes that prepared me to become a Doctor. Who would’ve known? Today, I use all my skills and I continue to learn and grow in order to help both my clients and myself. I only use techniques and strategies that I’ve tried myself to see how they work before I work them with you. And then you work them.

I’m an expert on ADHD and Autism, Anger, and Insomnia. I help you to see your true potential as a human being. I help you to see the possibilities that life offers. I help you to take responsibility and accountability for your success. That, I believe, is what, in the long run, creates the overall health, peace, and harmony that you seek.

Do and say only inspired things. Never belittle yourself, even as a joke. Live from the quiet voice in your heart. Have a wonder-full day! So it was. So it is. So it shall be. So Be It.


Dr. Joanny Liu, TCMD, RAc, P.Eng.
TCMD: Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor
RAc: Registered Acupuncturist in the province of Alberta, Canada
P.Eng.: Professional Engineer in Alberta, Canada

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