"Overworking The Mental Faculties Creates Diseases Of Digestive System"

Diseases of digestive system are due to excessive studying, excessive thinking (obsession), worrying, and concentrating over long periods of time. These affect the Spleen/Stomach system. Are you having trouble "digesting" or "stomaching" life? Here are the signs of too much mental activity:
• No appetite.
• Abdominal distension after eating.
• Loose stools.
• Tired.
• Lassitude.
• Sallow pale complexion.
• Weakness of limbs.

Being unable to quiet the mind is a key issue (Heart disease).

"Poor Diet Always Affects The Mind"

Mucous (dampness or phlegm) builds up due to poor diet and too much mental activity. An over abundance of mucous causes:
• Nausea.
• Stuffiness of chest and stomach area.
• Feeling of heaviness.
• Possibly prolapse of stomach, uterus, or anus.
• Possibly hernias.

I see many of these in my clients. Prolonged or strong anger (Liver disease) also affect digestion, as anyone who has ever been in an argument over a meal can attest. If there's a lot of phlegm, it can move upwards towards the head to block orifices and create violent or manic behavior (Heart disease).

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