"Critical thinking uses the Intellect"

Critical thinking uses logic and broad intellectual criteria such as clarity, credibility, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, significance, and fairness.

The intellect allows you to observe what is happening in your life and then come up with a cause. Then you use your thinking skills to solve the problem.

Your thinking skills make you an independent thinker. You become a leader, not a follower. You solve problems in your own way. So you think things through and make good decisions. Being human is defined by the use of your intellect and your critical thinking skills.

"The Energetic Spleen And The Intellect"

Your Intellect resides in the energetic Spleen. It is responsible for critical thinking, applied thinking, studying, memorizing, concentrating, and generating ideas.

After birth, the Spleen/Stomach and Lungs take over producing Qi (energy) and Blood. If the Spleen flourishes, then your Intellect is sharp. You think clearly and critically. Your memory and your concentration are great. You study well and you easily generate ideas.

Ideas generated by the Spleen are connected to ideas that pertain to problem solving and or to the job or task you're doing. These ideas are different from the ideas generated by the Ethereal Soul (see spiritual science). Those are inspirational in nature.

"The Mind Directs The Intellect"

The seat of the Mind is in the Heart as shown in science of the Mind. The Mind directs and coordinates the intellect. The Mind depends on the Intellect for memorizing, concentrating, and focusing.

The Heart, the Kidneys, and the Mind all overlap to help your long term memory.

"Effects Of A Weakened Spleen"

If the Spleen is weak, then your Intellect is impaired. It's dull. Thinking is slow. Your memory and concentration suffer. Studying and focus are difficult.

The Spleen is weakened by poor diet, producing too much mucous and sludge in the body. This is called Dampness and Phlegm in Chinese medicine. When they are in the head, these pathogenic factors obstruct the Mind, as you saw in science of the Mind.

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