"Finally, Answers For Preventing Colds And Flu!"

Preventing colds and flu is totally possible.

In order to be well, you need to do things differently, to change the paradigm. So, preventing colds and flu requires a different perspective. In my ebook, "Create Your Own "Vaccine": 9 Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Protect Your Self And Your Family", you'll get the BIG PICTURE instead.

I haven't suffered from colds or flu in decades. Neither have my family when I found out what it really takes to prevent them. Now I'm sharing this information with you.

Thus, enter a world where you become proactive rather than reactive. The “cure for the cold” has been an elusive Holy Grail for as long as I can remember, in Western medicine.

When you strengthen one part of you, all the parts will be strengthened too. In reverse, if one part is weak, it also weakens the other parts.

Yes, germs (viruses) are involved, but they are actually only a small part of the disease. They're usually dormant (asleep) until something happens. Find out why they wake up and make people sick and sometimes die. Get the real reasons for sickness and then learn how to mitigate them.

"How To Receive The Special Report About Colds and Flu?"

I'm really excited to welcome you to a fresh new world of healing and possibilities!

By subscribing to my ezine you get this very valuable information.

Let's face it, it's INCONVENIENT to be sick with flus or colds. Wouldn't it be nice to be among the few and soon, to be the majority, to prevent colds and flu. Productivity goes up. Enjoyment of life goes up!

Here's an exerpt from the ebook:

"Chinese medicine has a long history in prevention. Thousands of years in fact. It’s all well documented.

Chinese medicine was practiced in ancient times MOSTLY to prevent someone from getting sick. People in those times went to their doctor when they didn’t have big issues with their health. They paid their physicians to keep them healthy. It was recognized then as today, that it’s a lot easier to prevent a disease than to treat it once it has taken hold in the body.

Fast forward to today and modern medicine is mostly reactive. Their definition of prevention is early detection. Of course, if you already have a potentially serious condition, then that means you haven’t prevented it. You may discover it at an early stage, but true preventive medicine means, you never had the condition in any form at any time!

It’s frightening. It drags you down. That’s not inspiring. That’s not empowering.

The following pages contain everything you need to know. Be open to the information and you’ll receive all you need to keep healthy in the midst of busy and crowded work places, classrooms, malls, etc. No more will you need to be even concerned when someone sneezes or coughs your way.

The POSSIBILITY really is present in your life right now."

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Think inspired thoughts everyday. Have a Wonder Full day every day!

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