"The Chakra Colour Chart - A Different Perspective"

My chakra colour chart is different from what you may have seen. I received mine from the Centre For Transformation which is my spiritual school. The colours are derived from nature. Apparently there is much misinformation out there about the colours.

What do the colours mean? Each colour has a wavelength or frequency. This is physics. And your level of consciousness vibrates at that frequency or color. The higher the level you vibrate, the more success, happiness, and health you'll have.

Here's my chart:

"The Chakra Colour Chart Shows Where You're At Vibrationally"

The first three chakras are your personal chakras. That is, they are responsible for reaching your full potential. Unfortunately most of mankind is stuck in the first three chakras, which represent the survival side of life. Many people never reach their full potential because they never learned to fully trust themselves or allow themselves to pursue their dreams.

But there is something you can do about it. It's not too late, unless you want to wait to have regrets on your death bed! How many people do that? And many may never realize what they've missed!

Interestingly, the map of consciousness by Dr. David Hawkins matches the rise in opening and balancing the chakras. See his book, "Power Vs. Force" for more details. He uses colours that are commonly known, but the wisdom is the same.

"The Chakra Colour Chart And The First Three Chakras"

The colours are derived from nature. Each of the chakras is also attached to an element.

So, the Root chakra colour is brown, for the element earth. Since this chakra is about being rooted, then your relationship with the earth is important. That's where grounding comes from. Are you standing on your own on the earth? Little baby boys and girls are born with pink external genitals. In adolescence they turn brown.

The colour for the Sacral chakra is red. The element for this chakra is water. Look for red in sunset or sunrise. Beautiful.

For the Solar Plexus chakra, the third chakra, the element is Fire. The frequency for it is visible light which is white (the inclusion of all colours). Daylight. When this chakra is opened and flowing, there is the freedom to feel and to have personal power. You can do what you want, with whom you want, and when you want. You DON'T care what other people think.

The CAVEAT is that whatever you desire must NOT hurt any other being. It must benefit both you and others. You are therefore, here to serve in some way. There is still right and wrong.

"The Chakra Colour Chart For The Spiritual Chakras"

For the Heart chakra, the frequency is ultra-violet, a purply blue. Taking your cue from nature, the physical heart is actually bluish, not red or pink or green. The Heart chakra is the pivot point between the physical chakras and the mental chakras. It connects earth to heaven. In between heaven and earth is sky. The sky is blue. Love is blue. You live on the blue planet. This is the planet of love.

From the Heart chakra, we move into the sky, towards the sun. On the horizon, at sunset and sunrise, we see the other colours of gold (the Throat chakra) and pink (the Third Eye). Pink is the colour of creation. Again, going back to when you were a newborn baby, your were a pinkish colour, even with dark skin. Your intuition is always trying to guide you to the right place to create.

If your three bottom chakras are working the way they should be, then you have also learned to live in your Heart and not in your so-called rational mind. You are open to your innate abilities, aspirations, and many possibilities.

And finally at the Crown chakra, you're at the Sun - reddish gold is the sun. You are vibrating at the level of enlightenment.

"The Chakra Colours Make Sense"

The colors in the Chakra Colour Chart make perfect sense when you look to nature. Nature is what you should study for the answers you need. As I've said previously, all of nature, except mankind, just goes with the flow. Animals and plants just know who and what they are. We alone seem to have to struggle first in order to learn what we need to learn. Once you stop resisting the flow, you stop struggling. It requires practice and dedication, but it also becomes a good habit.

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