"The Definition Of Being Human in Chinese Medicine"

What separates being human from other creatures are your emotions, the intellect, and your ability to reason. Your emotions add richness to your life. They are not to be feared or suppressed. For better or worse, you are driven by your emotions.

"Chinese Medicine Looks At Humans In A Different Way."

It looks at
• The science of the Mind which is very different from Western philosophy. It explains what the Mind is like when it's healthy and when there's mental illness.
• Chinese spiritual science which can explain your behaviour. There are not one, but two souls in Chinese philosophy. They are called the Ethereal Soul of the Liver and the Corporeal Soul of the Lungs. They are very significant in your life.
• Your Intellect which resides in the Spleen and is responsible for critical thinking, applied thinking, studying, memorizing, concentrating, and generating ideas.
• Your Will Power which is housed by the Kidneys. It's responsible for drive, determination, single-mindedness in the pursuit of your goals, enthusiasm, and motivation.

"The Importance of Being Balanced"

The most important concept here is the relationship between your Mind and the Ethereal Soul. These two must be balanced with respect to each other. Therefore if the Mind is strong, then the Ethereal soul is controlled. But the Mind cannot be too strong or it restrains the Ethereal Soul. The former represents the onset of ADHD. The latter represents the onset of autism.

"Being Human Is A Gift"

If you are balanced and healthy, then you can experience full functioning and power in your faculties. If you aren't healthy, then you suffer from mental confusion, disorientation, poor memory, poor concentration, and a lot of negative emotions.

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