"Autism Symptoms Are
Varied And Many"

Autism symptoms have grown over the years or decades. An autistic person could be spotted in a group, by their behaviour. Today, any person diagnosed with autism may have different symptoms from another person. As the list gets padded, it just includes more people in the fold.

This ought to throw some doubt at a diagnosis, since a long list doesn't actually show a person what the problem is. It feels more like guess work.

The fact that few if any people have all of the symptoms that I've compiled here, throws some doubt to the authenticity of a diagnosis.

"Here's What It Used To Look Like"

The list of autism symptoms used to be relatively short. Historically it used to contain these signs and symptoms:

• Shows no interest in toys or people.
• Focuses on spinning objects.
• Places objects in lines.
• Shows prolonged interest in one object.
• Seems unaware of surroundings.
• Speech is either impeded or nonexistent.
• Likes being alone.
• Likes to flap hands.
• Rocks the body.
• May injure themselves.
• Doesn't respond to their name.
• Reacts to slightest changes to their routine, with strong anxiety.

Autistic people seemed to live in a world of their own. The occasional one would have fantastic mental capabilities such as recalling historical facts or doing arithmetic at lightning speed.

"Few People Use To Be Autistic"

With the aforementioned list, you could easily identify an autistic person. And it was relatively rare. I can't ever recall meeting someone with these traits in my youth. I certainly heard of autism, but never had personal contact with someone who fit this description.

Now, you are told they are everywhere!

"Why Are There Now Estimates As High As 1 In 150?"

Nowadays, there is a long and varied list of symptoms of autism. Not all signs of autism occurs in every person who is diagnosed. And that to me, should make it difficult to diagnose a person properly.

Autism symptoms are divided up into different categories:

Social isolation.
Speech delay.
Autism behavior.
Other signs of autism.

There is now a very long list of symptoms of autism. Altogether I count 43 different symptoms of autism amongst the 4 lists.

The number of symptoms have greatly expanded over a short time. A lot of these so called symptoms are part of being a child. As already explained by Chinese medicine, children are immature. They are still developing. They don't come out the womb walking like an ox or a deer.

It used to be accepted that the higher an animal is on the evolutionary scale, the more helpless the young are. That's where humans are.

"Children Are Not Small Adults!"

They do not require diagnoses for a disease. They need to be recognized as being normal, not abnormal. They need to be loved for who they are and if there really is a problem, then proper and safe help must be sought.

Labeling a child hurts them. It hurts you. You both start believing what other people say about you. And you know what, it JUST isn't true. As soon as a disease like autism gets too long a list of symptoms, you can see why so many children are GETTING INCLUDED in a diagnosis.

But is it REAL?

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