"Adult ADHD. What
Are The Symptoms?"

In adult ADHD, there is more subtlety. You have probably made some decisions to adjust your behaviour. Here are some common traits:

• Excessively inattentive.
• Impulsive.
• Also be hyperactive (on the go, all the time).
• Constantly restless and agitated.
• Excessively procrastinating.
• Very disorganized.
• Constantly late with your deadlines.
• Have difficulty following directions.
• Poor memory.
• Poor concentration.

The research says that while many of you may experience similar things in your lives sometimes, it doesn't occur like it does for adult ADHD. It happens all the time for them.

Some people grow out of ADHD.

It appears that adult ADHD is not so rare and is considered to be a common disorder. By adulthood, both men and women are affected equally.

Since ADHD has only been diagnosed more widely in children in the last 20 or so years, it is assumed that many adults today are going largely undiagnosed. The prevalence of ADHD in children roughly follows a ratio of four boys to one girl. But by adulthood, that ratio becomes one to one.

This ratio really means that boys outgrow it more often than girls do. So the incidence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in adults becomes equal between men and women.

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