"Chinese Medicine Explains
ADHD Symptoms"

Because Chinese medicine can explain ADHD symptoms, there is a diagnosis and a treatment for it.

The symptoms are a result of either too little or too much of something - an imbalance. They fall within a set of parameters that are familiar in Chinese medicine but confound Western medical doctors.

There really isn't anything wrong with your children. They're just being themselves because they are immature as well as your own perception and expectations. Modern doctors love to throw labels at you. But does it help you? No! It's time to think differently. It's time to heed solutions that actually exist, that rebalance, instead of throwing you and your kids for a loop.

"Diagnosed In Both Children And Adults."

The symptoms in children are somewhat different from adults. This may be due to maturation and making decisions about one's own conduct.

"Children Are Not Small Adults"

Chinese Medicine has a totally different approach to pediatric medicine. Their bodies are immature as well as their minds. They have to develop and grow. They will grow out of so-called these symptoms if all the right things are done. That's the KEY.

So look around my site, especially at Being Human and Child Behavior. Other pages to look at Emotional Health and Emotional Intelligence. These pages will help you to see what normal really is.

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ADHD symptoms are a result of either too little or too much of something - an imbalance. Connect all the dots, get your child into balance, deal with your own issues, and solve the problem.

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