"ADHD In Children.
What Are The Symptoms?"

ADHD in children is different from that of adults. It appears to me that these symptoms are all over the map. Even though a large set of symptoms has been identified, most children won't have all of these signs and symptoms.

The symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in children is divided into mental/emotional ones and physical ones. Every child is different but there seems to be some core symptoms. And boys are more often diagnosed than girls are.

Please do not base a diagnosis on just one symptom.

These lists can be obtained anywhere on the internet and I only list them here as a reference. I actually think most of this is pretty normal in a NORMAL ACTIVE CURIOUS and DEVELOPING child. Have you asked your MD what normal is? Chances are, they CAN'T tell you! Ask and see what you get.

If a child becomes violent, for instance, that's a different story, though.

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"Mental/Emotional Symptoms"

First, the mental/emotional. A child may

• Be unable to hold attention and concentrate.
• Be easily distracted.
• Be impulsive
• Be careless, making mistakes or fail to pay attention to detail.
• Have difficulty paying attention to a task for more than a few minutes.
• Not be listening when spoken to.
• Fail to follow instructions.
• Fail to finish schoolwork or chores.
• Avoid or dislike sustaining mental effort, including homework.
• Has trouble organizing tasks and activities
• Loses or has trouble keeping track of things that she needs, such as toys, books, or school assignments
• Is forgetful

"Physical Symptoms"

Second, the physical. A child may

• Have inappropriate levels of activity (hyperactive).
• Be fidgety or squirmy in their chair.
• Leave their chair when expected to remain seated.
• Run around or climb when it is inappropriate.
• Have trouble playing quietly.
• Be "busy" all the time.
• Talk too much.
• Blurt out answers before the question is asked.
• Have trouble waiting for their turn.
• Interrupt others.

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