Volume 1 Issue 7, What is truly abnormal behaviour, Part B?, May 17, 2010

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Feature Article: There Are Answers To ADHD & Autism, Part 7, What is truly abnormal behaviour?
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Note from Joanny: In the last issue I addressed the pricklier side of abnormal. Today I’ll talk about when a child appears to be socially isolated. Most humans are social beings, even when they are very shy, there are usually people that they feel comfortable with.

Usually you want to move forward towards people and goals. So what really looks abnormal in a person? Today’s article describes that. Keep in mind again that normal does have a wide range and that children and adults alike should be allowed the freedom to express or not. You can’t mess with free will.

Dr. Joanny.

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Feature Article:What is truly abnormal behaviour? Part B

Most children become social beings sometime in their toddler years. Until then, they often play by themselves with toys right alongside other kids. There may or may not be interaction amongst them. Children may defend their territory and possessions. They may elect to fight or not. If they do end up with an argument or a disagreement, they can be fighting one minute and then kissing and making up the next. Or be totally uninterested in that person.

They have many choices.

Essentially all kids want, is to have fun and usually they don't need to be taught how to do that. Kids do pick and choose how they play. Since I believe in free will, then a child should be able to choose how they want to spend their time creatively.

Let's look at the extreme of the other side of the coin, when there is little activity or interactivity:
1. Speechlessness beyond the toddler years.
2. Not understanding language when spoken to.
3. Not responding to language when spoken to.
4. No eye contact beyond the toddler years.
5. Low social contact beyond the toddler years, even with close family members.
6. No interest in exploring the world outside of themselves. 7. No interest in playing.
8. Spending inordinate amount of time alone (all day long).
9. Low perceived social skills.

What has happened to a child when they are not interacting with the outside world? Even when kids are interacting with the outside world, they usually require some training and guidance about how to behave in that world. But when a child seems genuinely uninterested it creates concern.

The thing to watch out for and I do mean it, is to observe closely, if a child is behaving like this 100% of the time or if there are some times that he isn’t behaving in this way.

If they behave in a certain passive (-aggressive) way, is it a reaction to something that has happened in them? Again, children are honest about how they feel about things. Even a very autistic person will react in some way to something they like or dislike. Let's not jump to the conclusion, within the wide realm of human behaviour, that something is wrong.

Let's be very careful about over diagnosing people. Let's be very careful about drugging children when they have growing nervous systems. You've got more young children on anti-pychotics ad anti-depressants than ever before. What are these doing to your children?

This really takes me back to my CEGEP days when I was studying medieval history. One section was about medicine. One quote from a historian still stands out for me: "If the disease did not kill the patient, then surely the cure would". In last week's Calgary Herald, there was a similar question asked about today's medicine. And the solutions today are much more toxic and potent than they were hundreds of years ago! It's medicine by force. Whatever happened to "Do no harm"?

Medicine based on fear creates more fear and more disease and/or prolongs it. By not facing the issues before you, by separating your body and mind from each other, there is no healing. Healing occurs when the cause is removed and the context changes. Mere treatment alone doesn’t cut it until you discover what is the cause and then confront it. That's well demonstrated in modern medicine's failure to address such matters as ADHD and autism.

Ask yourself if you are concerned because the behaviour is threatening to you in some way.

So, let's be with the person and quietly observe and learn from them first. The answers are there. Attitude is so important when you are trying to help someone. Unconditional love helps a lot. Feeling shame, guilt, fear, anger, frustration, etc is certainly not helpful. Children, whether they seem responsive or not, are sensitive to the energy of your emotions. You may be unaware of your own feelings, which will then just pile up on top of those of your child.

Beware of your thoughts and your words. They are far more powerful than you think.

Stay tuned to the next several parts of the series. I've given you some background to the human psyche under fresh terms. I'll next speak specifically about ADHD and then Autism. Since everyone is different, constitutionally, physically, and emotionally, the individual must be considered seriously, instead of being lumped into a group with everyone else. That's why treatment with conventional methods work inconsistently.

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