Volume 1 Issue 6, What is truly abnormal behaviour, Part A?, April 27, 2010

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Feature Article: There Are Answers To ADHD & Autism, Part 6, What is truly abnormal behaviour?
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Note from Joanny: For human beings, our natural state is to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. Under the definition of Chinese medicine, that goes along with a feeling of calmness and quiet. A healthy body has no feeling – that is, no discomfort. Life is simply smooth.

Children are born in love and know only love. What is abnormal behaviour in children? I'm going to start with the noisier and demanding sort first. Next time, I'll describe the kids that are on the other side of the coin, the ones who seem to live in their own world.

Dr. Joanny.

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Feature Article:What is truly abnormal behaviour? Part A

Children are talkative, vibrant, imaginative, active, impulsive, and outgoing. It's normal if they fidget because they’re so full of Yang. They may also be quiet, shy, less active, reserved, and introspective. Some kids are careful and some kids take risks.

Physically they are strong and resist serious infections. They have stamina and can play for hours at a time. Their appetites go up and down. They often don't feel the cold.

Kids often go with the flow of life. But if they don't like something, they will tell you. And of course, your children could be anywhere in between.

Normal has a wide range.

But what is truly abnormal behaviour in a child? It comes in the form of frequent negative emotions and slow physical development.

Let’s look at physical development first.
1. Physical weakness such as weak and mushy muscle tone.
2. Poor bone growth.
3. Obesity (stocky build does not mean fat).
4. Lack of energy.
5. Easily fatigued.
6. Asthma and other chronic respiratory problems.
7. Frequent digestive problems.
8. Any chronic condition, such as allergies.

Let’s look at negative emotional states.
1. Frequent violent behaviour.
2. Frequent crying and other upset behaviour.
3. Frequent high and low swings in mood, which may be violent some times and somewhat withdrawn other times. Bipolar brings on a different look compared to adults. It likely has a lot to do with the mind not being fully developed (by age 7 or so) and also the inability to articulate and use language well (by age 10 or so). It’s frustrating if they cannot make you understand what is going on.
4. Frequent bad behaviour with parents either in public or at home or other people (teachers, store clerks, etc.).
5. Frequent whining.
6. Frequent screaming, substituting for speaking.
7. Frequent cruel behaviour towards people, animals, insects, etc. This includes bullying.

Children become violent because they don't know how to tell you what's wrong. Or if they feel that you consistently aren't listening. I look at it from the way a baby behaves. All they can do is cry and if you really observe closely, they are BEING violent in the way they do it! So if older children are immature, they can still behave this way. But NOW, they’re much bigger, stronger, and mobile.

And if children are not taught to behave in any other way, then the teenage years range from difficult to destructive.

Children are honest about how they feel. If they behave inappropriately and frequently, that's how they feel. The Kid is reacting to a situation, a person, etc.

Yes, kids can have changes in mood as the day goes on, but their natural state is definitely happy. They may occasionally get upset with a playmate but they'll make up with that person so that they can get on with playing again. Young children seldom hold grudges.

Some kids seem to naturally know to be unselfish while others won't. It's their personality. But they do have to be taught how to conduct themselves within community standards. Most social skills are taught by parents.

I think you can see that it's the extremes in behaviour that cause concern in everyone involved with children. I am sure that from a child's perspective, they’re not happy about being unhappy either.

I am sure that they wish they could express to you exactly how they feel and what they really want.

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