Volume 1 Issue 11, 4 Successful People, Just Being Themselves. July 12, 2010

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Feature Article: 4 Successful People, Just Being Themselves.
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Note from Joanny:

What does it really do to a child who's been diagnosed and labeled with ADHD? Usually it's not a positive thing. I think most kids would prefer not being singled out like this, especially to be called a disease state. It's an imbalance. And something can be done about it, but not the way psychiatrists and psychologists recommend. It can be dealt with humour and a consistent way.

I think ADHD and autism diagnoses are merely an indication of some people's strong urge for order and conformity. Someone else is imposing their view of human nature and behaviour. The thing is, if you don't like your child's behaviour, then you can definitely do something about it, without the drugs or behavioural modification therapies.

Dr. Joanny.

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Feature Article:Four Very Successful People Just By Being Who They Are.

In the last couple of articles, you've seen two sides of the same coin. One where the adult has fully embraced and accepted children and then found solutions which suit both the child and the adults. The other sees only disease and despair not only for his patients but for his own failure and hoplessness.

Here are short stories of 4 people that you may have heard of. They are unique individuals, just like you and me. Observe their lives and why they are who they are.

"A Brilliant Canadian Star Of Lasting Quality": Veronica Tennant.

Veronica was born in England and at 4 years old, began dancing. It was just a natural thing for her to do every time she heard music. Her body wanted to move with it. When she was 9 years old she moved to Canada with her family. She was a bit concerned about whether she'd be able to continue dancing once she got there.

But within a week of moving to Canada, she was enrolled at a dance school in Toronto, where her family settled. She never set out to be a professional dancer but she felt that "life is a dance". It was important to her that she have the ultimate expression. Once, she auditioned in front of a dance teacher. She sprang forward – and FELL flat on her face! The director of the school instantly recognized her huge energy and saw the great potential inside her.

Veronica later became the youngest principle dancer at the National Ballet of Canada, at the age of 18. For the next 25 years, through challenges of the dance and the injuries she suffered, she became the premiere prima donna and danced with every known male great dancer of the times, including Rudolf Nureyev and Mikail Barysnikov.

She retired from professional dancing in 1989. She's still living the life that she loves. She's still doing the things that she wants to do. Veronica "has since proven equally skilled as a writer, lecturer, director, producer, teacher, spokesperson, administrator, and international arts ambassador."

Can you imagine what would have happened if someone had merely pointed out that she was very clumsy and did not have the grace or demeanor to become a great dancer?

"A Perfect 10": Nadia Comenci.

Nadia Comaneci was the Romanian sweetheart of the Montreal Summer Olympics of 1976. I was in my late teens then and watched gymnastics intently those days. She was only 14 years old and these were her Olympics. She scored the first ever PERFECT 10 in gymnastics!

She was an active child who enjoyed running and jumping. Boy, did she ever. She broke 4 couches at home, by snapping the springs in them! She was discovered by a gymnastics coach, Bela Karoloyi, who invited her to audition for his club.

The tests included a long jump, a 15 metre sprint, and a walk on a balance beam. The walk on the balance beam was the most important part of the test, because many people are afraid of it. It's only 4 inches wide and 4 feet off the ground. And Nadia walked on it like it was solid ground.

She was fearless. FEARLESS! And that fearlessness and confidence made her a champion.

What if someone only focused on the negativity and destruction of her actions, instead of seeing the great energy and drive that this little girl had inside herself.

"Changing The Face Of Computing": Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born into a wealthy family. He had all of the advantages of well heeled parents. His parents thought that he might follow in his father's footsteps into a career in Law.

But he loved computer programming. He entered Harvard University but dropped out of school when the opportunity came to him and a friend to start their own company. He discussed his desire with his parents, who supported his great desire and Microsoft was born.

He built Microsoft from the ground up and created an empire that would dominate how most people use computers. Gates is among the richest men in the world, due to an idea he had in his youth. And yet, some people say that he is a high functioning Aspergers Syndrome autistic because he has some of those traits. Okay, I'm not a fan of Bill Gates, but I totally appreciate the creator that he is.

"Innovating And Thinking Differently": Steve Jobs

Interestingly, Steve Jobs of Apple Inc, was born in the same year as Bill Gates, 1955, both on the West Coast of the United States. Gates is from Seattle, Washington where Microsoft is based, while Jobs was born in San Francisco, California. Apple Inc is based in Cupertino, California, at the southern end of San Francisco Bay.

Steve Jobs was an adopted child and attended Reed College in Portland Oregon. He dropped out during the first year. He took a job with Atari with the purpose of traveling to India on a spiritual retreat. Sometime shortly after returning to the U.S., he and his buddy, Steve Wozniak, formed Apple Computers in 1976.

His philosophy about computing was based not only on functionality, but also on user friendliness and design. You can see the results of that guiding principle in the operating system of the Mac computer, the iMac, the iPod, the iPhone, and now the iPad. Even though there are other companies that design and manufacture similar products, there's a panache about Apple's products. It is said that "Apple succeeds in doing what most big companies only try: associate products with emotions and embellish them with values until the products turn themselves into values."

People say that Jobs is a genius. He is also someone who is difficult to deal with. He follows his own path and in spite of much opposition and negative press about his products, the products prove themselves time and time again. The reason why he is a genius is because he follows his instincts and goes his own way.

Veronica Tennant. Nadia Comaneci. Bill Gates. Steve Jobs. None of these people became wildly successful merely because of their talents. There are many talented people out there who never reach their potential. They had great consuming passion and vision. They put in the energy, the time, and the effort to get where they are.

Above all, they were allowed to be themselves and allowed to follow their own path to express themselves. Their parents allowed them to be who they are and not only encouraged them, but supported them in as many ways as they could. They were NOT diagnosed with ADHD or Autism. No one told them there was something WRONG with them. Those thoughts never occurred to them. It never occurred to their parents.

Because of they learned to trust themselves, they had great inner strength. They learned to ignore what other people say, even when there was a great deal of opposition.

Are we drowning out the creative energy of our children? Are you compelled to live average lives and not explore the greatness that is inside you and your children? The stuff that makes a genius is what is inside of you. Many ADHD children possess the fearlessness, the determination, and the urge to move forward towards their dreams - if they are accepted for who they are. The description of these 4 people is repeated in other great innovators and athletes.

There are many Steve Jobs or Veronica Tennant out there! Stop DUMBING down! More next time.

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