Volume 1 Issue 2, More Ancient Wisdom, February 24, 2010

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There Are Answers To ADHD & Autism, Part II, More Ancient Wisdom To Help You Understand.
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Note from Joanny: There is something which I find very striking either when I’m speaking with or reading about many parents of diagnosed and undiagnosed children with ADHD or Autism. It's the hopelessness they have. Modern medicine has some pseudo answers. They think it’s all in the brain.

Mental health is not easy to deal with in modern medicine. It keeps looking for physical reasons for a disorder. It’d be better if they, instead, just looked at the person, at the Self.

That’s why I decided to write this series. It’s about time to talk about a different way. Today I discuss the energy centres and their relationship to your psyche. Even though my description here will be far from exhaustive, you’ll begin to connect the dots, as the series goes along.

Ancient wisdom can no longer be ignored in the face of so much human suffering.

Dr. Joanny.

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Deeper Healing

What’s keeping you wide awake at night?
Are you worried about your kids and their future if they have ADHD and autism?

If you’re not getting a deep restful sleep EVERY night, then it’s time to do something about it.

Depending on how long the condition has been in your body or how long you’ve faced particular emotional/spiritual issues, you may be working with me for a certain period of time. I offer packages of 10, 20, 30, etc treatments. The coaching packages start at 24 sessions or 6 months.

I’m expanding my practice to take more people this month. If you’re at your wits end and exhausted from lack of sleep, then make an appointment at Human_Potential@chinese-medicine-for-adhd-autism.com or call me at 403-282-8116.

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Feature Article: More Ancient Wisdom To guide You

The chakra system in the human body is a very old concept. It melds quite nicely with another ancient system, Chinese medicine. It came out of the ancient practice of yoga and is a system of energy centres in your body.

The chakras are power stations in your body. They are the core of your existence, being central to all you say or do. These energy centres contain the different levels of consciousness and psychology in the human being. They each contain your experiences as you live your life, good and bad.

There are 7 physical chakras. Each has a certain number of attributes but the ones that are most important to you and your children are the developmental stages, the goals of each chakra, the psychological issues, the emotion, and the rights.

The first chakra is the Root chakra. It’s located at the base of the spine, near the tail-bone. The second chakra is the Sacral chakra. It’s located a couple of inches below the navel. The third chakra is the Solar Plexis chakra and is located between the navel and rib cage. The fourth chakra is the Heart chakra and is located in the chest. The fifth chakra is the Throat chakra and is located in the throat. The sixth chakra is the Third Eye or Brow chakra, located between the eyebrows. The last and seventh chakra is located at the top or crown of the head, the Crown chakra.

The developmental stage of chakra 1 is from conception to a year old, of chakra 2 is from 6 months to 2 years old, of chakra 3 is from 18 months to 4 years, of chakra 4 is from 4 to 7 years, of chakra 5 is from 7 to 12 years, of chakra 6 is adolescence, and of chakra 7 is throughout life.

The goals of chakra 1 are stability, security, good physical health, trust, prosperity, and being grounded. The goals of chakra 2 are fluidity, pleasure, healthy sexuality, and feeling. That of chakra 3 are vitality, spontaneity, strength of will, purpose, and self-esteem. That of chakra 4 are balance, compassion, self-acceptance, and good relationships. That of chakra 5 are clear communication, creativity, and resonance. That of chakra 6 are psychic perception, accurate interpretation, imagination, and clear seeing. The goals of chakra 7 are wisdom, knowledge, consciousness, and spiritual connection.

The psychological issue of chakra 1 is survival. The ones for chakra 2 are sexuality and emotions. The ones for chakra 3 are power and will. The ones for chakra 4 are love and relationships. The one for chakra 5 is communication. The ones for chakra 6 are intuition and imagination. The one for chakra 7 is awareness.

The emotion that affects the chakra and is felt by you, goes in this order. Fear affects the Root chakra. Guilt affects the Sacral chakra. Shame affects the Solar Plexis. Grief affects the Heart chakra. Lies affect the Throat chakra. Illusion affects the Brow chakra. Attachment affects the Crown chakra.

The rights are a very interesting topic. These rights are not legislated but they ought to be. These basic rights define what it is to be conscious and healthy. The right of the Root chakra is the right to EXIST, to HAVE. That of the Sacral chakra is the right to FEEL, to WANT. That of the Solar Plexus is the right to ACT. That right of the Heart chakra is the right to LOVE and to BE LOVED. That of the Throat chakra is the right to SPEAK and to BE HEARD. That of the Third Eye is the right to SEE. The right of the Crown chakra is the right to KNOW.

The wisdom of the chakra system tells you a lot about what may be going on in your life and that of your kids. What’s of paramount importance is the establishment of the Root chakra. That is your foundation. If this first chakra isn’t balanced then it affects all the other ones all the way up the chain. I’ll talk much more about the chakras in later issues.

You’ll connect the dots to unlock your human psyche. Because that’s what really matters when you’re trying to obtain complete health, wealth, and happiness. There’s lots more to come.

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