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Note from Joanny:

"Things are not brought into being by thinking about their opposites. Health is never to be attained by studying disease and thinking about disease; righteousness is not to be promoted by studying sin and thinking about sin; and no one ever got rich by studying poverty and thinking about poverty. "  -  Wallace D. Wattles, "The Science Of Getting Rich"

Dr. Russell Barkley certainly espouses and champions the modern medical point of view, which is studying disease.  What Wattles is saying is that studying disease only creates more disease. His warning came unheeded, but more people are indeed sicker today than ever.  Scientists are predicting that today's generation of children will be much less healthy than their grandparents.  Read on and find out just what Dr. Barkley thinks.  You may be stunned.  Will you be shaken out of your complacency?

Dr. Joanny.

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This Week's Success Story

"I came to Dr. Joanny because I was experiencing chronic insomnia; it was taking me hours to get to sleep at night or I had to rely on sleep medication. What I found in working with Dr. Joanny is that she focused on my health from a holistic perspective rather than just zeroing on the symptom of the sleep issue.

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Judy A. – Calgary professional

Feature Article:Look Who's Giving Up?

It was a packed room that afternoon in late March, in Calgary. Dr. Russell Barkley, an internationally known clinical researcher and expert on ADHD, was in Alberta as a guest of the Learning Disability Association Of Alberta.

He immediately set the tone. He said that ADHD, along with autism, bi-polar, and mental retardation, is incurable. He said that there's no evidence that alternative methods work and that 80% of sufferers would have to go on medication at some point in their lives. The focus of modern psychology is behaviour modification through whatever means. Teaching people skills doesn't cut it because most people revert back to where they started.

Right off the bat, he admitted he's a failure at what he does and then he figures that since he can't help, then no one else can either. He, like many in the established research monolith, maintains that anecdotal evidence isn't good enough.  While there may be grounds for this, to completely disregard any evidence to the contrary is very closed minded. What you need is openness to find solutions to a problem.  Not blanket condemnation.

He said that ADHD is due to:
1. Heredity.
2. Genetics.
3. Brain underdevelopment in the frontal lobe and the cerebral cortex.
4. Brain injuries during pregnancy due to mother smoking and alcoholism as well as accidents after birth.

He also talked about what doesn't cause ADHD:
1. Food additives, allergies, sugar, milk in diet.
2. Excessive caffeine in the diet.
3. Environmental allergens.
4. Poor child management by parents.
5. Family stress; chaotic home life.
6. Excessive use of TV and video games.
7. Increased cultural tempo.
8. Post traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, learning disability.

Most of his speech was about why ADHD should be renamed Executive Function (EF) Disorder. EF means self-regulation. Dr. Barkley believes that "inhibition is crucial – it creates the foundation for self-regulation and EF." It's a type of action you apply to yourself. It's something you do to your self to stop your self from doing something.

There are 5 EFs:
1. Stopping your self (inhibition).
2. Seeing to your self (visual imagery).
3. Talking to your self.
4. Emotion to your self.
5. Mental play (planning and problem solving).

He doesn't like it that some kids are fearless. He thinks they should always think back to the past to inhibit how they act in the present in order to avoid future consequences. He de-emphasizes living in the present.

It's interesting that he advocates living in the past to determine your future. Do you realize that most of humanity already does this which keeps them living in the past and recreating the same future? Do you realize how this undermines humanity because it cannot do things differently in the present in order to create a BETTER future?

I found two interviews with Dr. Barkley that he did in February 2009. He said that biology trumps environment. He claimed that the data is inconsistent about the influence of environment on a child, that is, family life. He doesn't think social and family environment problems are a factor. Maybe that's because you can't put human behaviour into a test tube. Maybe there are just some things that you can't test and get the same result over and over again. That's human nature.

There are as many reactions to the same situation as there are people. And people will also tell you whatever they want or what they think you want to hear. I don't put a lot of stock in polls either.

As much as people are trying to turn modern psychiatry and psychology into a pure science, the human element just cannot be pinned down. It's even more incredulous when all they do is look at the physical for solutions, when it's obvious that the emotions and feelings are involved. They've got it backwards. But I digress.

He advocated throwing info at teachers as much as possible. He noted that many feel uncomfortable about talking to parents about a diagnosis. He feels it's not their job to diagnosis and prescribe drugs, but it is their job to screen. He said that parents don't have the experience to know their kids! He thinks teachers have better knowledge of your kids than you do.

The interviewer's own two children are medicated. Please note that when the drugs are wearing off, she and her husband observe that they're a comedy act in the back seat of the car. In other words, when they're not on drugs, the kids are being themselves. She's bought into the story, hook, line, and sinker.

Dr. Barkley went on to say that ADHD is a motor problem. It's not just muscle movement. It's about thinking about preparation before doing the body movement. Kids should think about consequences of their actions, planning, etc before they do anything. It sounded like he was talking about muscle twitch. The world's fastest sprinters have muscle twitch. He also included clumsiness and accident-proneness.

He said that ADHD creates a 30-40% lag in mental development. So you have to adjust your expectations. Chronological age of 10 may have a 7 year old level. Parents realized that they were part of the problem when they expected their kids to be at a certain level. Parents should alter their expectations. This resonated with a lot of parents.

His suggested strategies for parents and educators, from his speech in March, include:
1. Positives before negatives, always start behaviour changes with rewards.
2. Act, don’t yak!
3. More touch, less talk, by touching affectionately while briefly talking to the child.
4. Keep a disability perspective – ADHD is a real neurological disability!
5. Achieve acceptance; love what you got; don’t long for what you didn't get.
6. Practice forgiveness – of your child, of your self, and of others.

Contrast this with what Dan Hodgins said in my last issue. He has a much more positive view point that comes first hand from interacting with and observing 1000s of children. Dr. Barkley is a clinical researcher who mostly lives in his intellect and his own perceptions.

Next time, I'll paint a picture of what is really going with ADHD. And it includes the kids, the parents, and the complete environment.

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