Volume 1 Issue 3, Do You Know How It Feels, To Be Well?, March 17, 2010

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There Are Answers To ADHD & Autism, Part III, Do You Know How It Feels, To Be Well? Learn what it really means.
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Note from Joanny: It’s kind of strange that modern medicine looks at ADHD and Autism as mental disorders but they keep looking at the physical brain. They insist on looking at its different parts. And yet, test after test creates more confusion because the same part of the brain is not affected from person to person. Nor does each person have the same set of symptoms. Inconsistencies abound.

There’s a lot more to a person than just their brain. In Chinese medicine, the physiology of your organs has additional attributes that include the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of a person. You saw some of them in Part I. I describe more today.

They open the doors not only to ADHD and autism, but also explain why people suffer from chronic insomnia, depression, and violent behaviour. The cool thing is that there are diagnoses. A diagnosis in Chinese medicine is the heart of the problem, not just a mere description or someone’s name.

Again, I’m giving you a short summary of the Energetic nature of your Organs. Not something you hear about every day! Today I’ll give you a snap shot of what it means to be a healthy human being. Next time, I’ll describe what happens when you’re suffering.

Dr. Joanny.

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Feature Article:Do You Know How To Feel Well?

I am presenting to you some of the standards of health that Chinese medicine has. Compare them to yourself. Are you in harmony?

Let’s start with the Liver. This is significant. The Liver in Chinese medicine is responsible for the flow of qi energy throughout your body. If all is well then you feel patient, calm, open minded, and intuitive. You are creative and can make plans and move forward with them. You feel good around people and reach out to them. You have unerring judgment and make sound decisions, which make you a good leader. You sleep deeply and well. Physically, you feel very comfortable in your body. You have lots of energy and can move about easily without pain. Your muscles are relaxed and circulation is excellent. Digestion is good.

Next is the Kidney. In Chinese medicine, the Kidney-adrenals are the root and foundation of your body. If the Kidneys are in good shape then you have good self-esteem. You have strong will power and self-discipline. Mental capacity, memory, concentration, and focus are all good. When combined with great Liver energy, then you make your plans and carry through. You sleep deeply and well.

Energy levels are high. You feel no pain in the lower part of your body, including the hips and legs. Your body temperature feels comfortable to you and is appropriate for weather conditions. Since the Kidneys govern reproduction and sexual function, sexual health and performance is good. Fertility is good. They also govern growth and development, including strong bones, healthy teeth, and a good physique. The head hair is thick with no premature graying or balding.

Healthy Lungs help to create Qi energy for the body from the Qi it receives from the air you breathe. This combines with the Qi from the food and drink you take in to create the energy your body needs. Then the Liver delivers it to the body. If your Lungs are healthy, then you can breathe deeply and evenly. Your breasts are healthy. Your nasal passages are unobstructed. Your skin is clear, shining, and glowing. You get very few if any colds and flus, so your immune system is very strong. On the mental emotional side, you can hold onto your principles and keep your commitments. You are good at creating order out of chaos. You hold on when appropriate and let go when necessary for your wellbeing. You sleep deeply and well.

The Spleen supports the other Organs. If the food eaten is of high quality then the Spleen flourishes and strengthens the other Organs. The Spleen and the Lungs create the Qi Energy that the body needs. The Liver distributes Qi. A healthy Spleen governs digestion and is sensitive to the emotions. When it’s healthy, then muscle tone is good, but not hard. You have endurance with lots of energy. You have a good appetite. You are mentally stable and can focus and concentrate on your work. You get ideas which help you in your work. You are a problem solver as well as orderly, careful, and creative. You sleep deeply and well.

And lastly, your Heart. The Heart feels all of the emotions. You are friendly and sincere. You sleep deeply and well. You can quiet your mind and clear your thoughts. You have clarity about your true purpose in life. You have clarity to see through your problems and solve them. Your heart feels open and accepting of all that comes to you in life. Physically the breasts are healthy. You can breathe in deeply. Your chest feels free and open. Your Heart just feels “right”.

This is a very short snapshot of what your healthy Organs feel like and look like in your body from day to day. They also act together in an synergistic way. One Organ affects the other. Sure, you’re not the same everyday, but when you’re healthy, you not only look it, you absolutely feel it too!

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