Volume 1 Issue 9, Dan Hodgin's Powerful Message. June 9, 2010

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Feature Article: Dan Hodgin’s Powerful Message.
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Note from Joanny: I let you know the last time that I'd met an amazing activist who is kid-positive. I met Daniel J Hodgins at the Canadian Association for Young Children (CAYC) National Conference on April 31 and May 1, 2010. It was an amazing experience. He was the keynote speaker and spoke several times during those two days. He's the author of several books. His latest is "Boys: Changing the Classroom, Not the Child". Today I'll summarize his main speech that compared girls and boys, from the brain on down to their very nature.

You see, a person is not just their brain. It's all the things that make up a person: their physicality, their emotional state, their perception of the world. It's these things that make you the unique person that you are.

Read about what makes a boy a boy, a girl a girl.

Dr. Joanny.

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Feature Article:Dan Hodgin's Powerful Message

"Looking through the Eyes Of Boys and Girls"

There is a difference between boys and girls. Surprise! Each are wired differently and even within a group, there are differences. Some girls, for instance, are ultra-feminine. Some girls are so-called tom-boys. Many others are in between these ends. Some are shy, some are fearless, some are born leaders.

Some boys are what I call, boy's boys - rambunctious, full of life, daring. Others are quiet and unassuming. Others are in between. Some are shy, some are fearless, some are born leaders.

Dan Hodgins has several decades of experience with very young children. He still finds time to volunteer at a local daycare. He travels around the world teaching people about early childhood. And he's extremely good at it. He uses his finely honed powers of observation to see what makes kids do what they do. But he also uses many other sources of information including his own keen intuition about individual children.

Today I'll summarize what he said about girls and boys, based on their brains, their behavior, which explain their modus operati. What makes a boy a boy? What makes a girl a girl? I think you'll find it really interesting.

Brain Power
1. Girls' brains receive more detail than do boys. Boys often see the whole but not the details.
2. Girls' brains mature earlier, while boys can be 12 to 18 months developmentally behind.
3. A boy's brain develops from the back (the doing part) towards the front (the thinking part ).
4. Girls' brains develop more from front to back. So boys develop their motor skills and their physical abilities a lot faster before they start thinking about them.
5. Girls' corpus callosum (learning) is often larger, compared to boys. So if that is so, then a boy may not use words to express how they feel. He may instead whack you. I've seen little girls do the same thing, when they can't express themselves. So, boys often don't talk about feelings. They may not have the vocabulary to do so either.
6. Girls' brains are usually "on", while boys may go into pause state several times, especially after completing a task.

Noise Level
1. This may not be a surprise to parents, perhaps an annoyance, but boys respond better to loud voices.
2. Boys actually hear less from the left ear.

Communication Patterns
1. Communication patterns in boys: 55% facial, 38% voice tone, 7% words alone.
2. Communication patterns in girls: 28% facial, 18% voice, 54% words alone.
3. Girls by age 5 may have 5 - 7000 words.
4. Boys by age 5 may have 3 - 5000 words.
5. 67% of boys are visual learners.
6. 71% of girls are auditory learners.
7. Girls use words as soon as they learn a new one.
8. Boys use action connected with words.
9. Girls learn often by sounding out letters in a word.
10. Boys learn often by connecting pictures to a word.

Testosterone Spikes
1. Boys have 2 - 10 spikes per day depending on age.
2. Girls usually have 2 spikes per day.
3. Boys spike more often in the morning.
4. Girls spike more often in late afternoon or evening.
5. Boys release physical tension during a spike.
6. Boys may react with energy or an erection or both.

Pretty interesting, isn't it? Many of these ADHD. qualities, that boys have, are exactly what gets them into trouble. For instance, many boys are in speech therapy or taking remedial reading because they're "slower". Dan and I agree that it's a crime that what is natural in a boy has become pathological. So he's taken his message to psychiatrists by telling them straight out to stop medicating kids.

He's also taken his message to software developers. Because boys' language skills lag behind girls, they need to do things where their language skills are encouraged. Sitting in front of computers and televisions for hours on end, does not teach a boy language skills. In fact, they inhibit them. He's told them to stop creating software for kids under 9 years old. He's not popular with either group.

Dan's Recommendations:
For boys: A variety of movable objects, lots of space to move in, visual routines, lower temperatures, roughhousing, running, power play, boxes for kicking, books they can relate to, environments that allow them to be louder, super hero play.

For girls: Use of teams more (herding), small motor toys, personalize spaces, opportunities to talk, "feeling" games, books about feelings, dramatic play (helping fields), avoid rescuing girls.

Of course, get to know your own individual child - well. Get to know their preferences. Really listen to their opinions and take them seriously. You are raising a unique human being, not cattle. You've got some food for thought. Next time, I'll describe the work of Dr. Russell Barkley. That's an eye opener too, but for different reasons.

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