Volume 1 Issue 5, Childhood Is Not A Sickness, April 15, 2010

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Feature Article: There Are Answers To ADHD & Autism, Part 5, Childhood Is Not A Sickness.
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Note from Joanny: What is normal child behaviour and why does it happen? If you don't know where to start then you don't know where you're going. That's the reason why I wrote the last few articles to give you a bit of background. But believe me, the briefings I gave you are just the tip of the iceberg.

What is the difference between healing and treatment? Healing occurs when the cause of a condition disappears and your situation changes for the better. Treatment occurs when the condition is still there but you've masked the symptoms. That's the difference. Healing through Chinese medicine is an art, but developed through observation and consistency. Isn't that what science is about?

The next two articles will discuss what would be considered abnormal behaviour in a child or in an adult for that matter. What happens to us as children, definitely influences our adult life, whether we are aware or not, admit it or not.

Dr. Joanny.

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Deeper Healing

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Feature Article: Childhood Is Not A Sickness!

I will say first, flat out, that each of you is born out of balance and yet perfect in the way that all humans are. Regardless of real physical disabilities or real or unreal mental/emotional/spiritual ones. Everyone born of this earth has tremendous potential of some sort. If you would only HOLD that thought when you think of your children and yourself, things would be different.

The condition of children is nonpathological. Babies are born with excesses and deficiencies. The main ones are a huge liver with a speedy beating heart. The liver takes up much of the abdominal cavity and most if not all children will have some jaundice in the first few days of life. The heartbeat is excessively fast, around 120 to 140 beat per minute (bpm) and doesn't slow down for many years.

The lungs are often weak as is the digestive system. For a while, a newborn will eat around the clock. That's because the stomach is only the size of their tiny little fist and a newborn's fist is VERY small. No wonder they need to feed so often.

Because they eat so often, their system gets clogged up with Phlegm or Dampness – our terminology for mucous. Because of the mucous buildup it'll move into the Lungs, which are already weak. "The Spleen creates phlegm, while the Lungs store it" is a familiar quote students of Chinese medicine learn pretty fast. Remember the Lungs are responsible for your immune system. Young children may be susceptible to colds more than older children and adults because of the combined weakness in both the Lungs and the Spleen.

And of course, babies are in diapers for years.

Children grow and develop at tremendous speed in their first year or two. They go from lying down, to lifting their head, to rolling over, to crawling, to standing, and walking, and then running usually within the first 18 or so months. Their mental capacities go from verbalizing, expressing emotions, recognizing faces, memory, attention, and speech. All are variable in any population and even in the same family. You developed at your pace and advanced when you were ready.

So some kids focus on the physical, like my youngest. Others, on the mental, like my eldest. And there's a wide range of rich human experience in between.

Kids are mostly Yang. Yang is active. It's about movement and growth. As in Part 1, the Corporeal Soul takes care of the physical body. The Ethereal Soul takes care of the movement toward your environment and relationships with people. So, when my oldest, Nolan, was about 15 months old, we were in Toronto for Christmas. He crawled toward the Christmas tree, heading to the nice shiny objects he saw. We told him not to get any closer to it and he stopped. Turned around and sat. His uncle Danny said, "How do you do that? Getting him to listen to you!" He just did.

About 6 years later, my youngest, Aidan, went for our Christmas tree and didn't stop. He picked off the ornaments on the lower branches. Same family, different kid, different strategies. But liked and loved regardless.

While Yang is excessive, Yin is relatively deficient. Remember it's about balance. Yin and Yang are opposites,so Yin is about being quiet and passive. Repetition builds up Yin. That's why kids watch their favorite shows or read their favorite books over and over again. Repetition and routine build up Yin.. So does a sense of safety and security. They want to know you will protect them. Making important decisions before being ready, depletes Yin, so children should be respected for their age and life experience, which is very little. Make the important decisions in your child's life. Exposing them often to violent shows and video games also taxes Yin. They frighten some and over stimulate others.

Boys are usually more Yang than girls. But some kids are more Yang. Others are more Yin. A wide range of possibilities exist in the spectrum of human existence.

Babies are emotional beings. The Heart feels all emotions. They cry because that's the only way they can get their message across. They act as if it's their last meal due to their lack of experience. When they fall and hurt themselves and scream in pain, that's due to lack of experience. They don't know that the pain will stop. They are in survival mode (the root chakra, in Part 2).

Kids are very close to their feelings and emotions. They're happy or calm one moment, angry or sad the next. They live in the present. That's healthy. Their minds don't develop until they're about 7 years old. Most aren't articulate until the age of 10. They develop a sense of humour early. You will always win a staring match with a baby. They'll turn away.

This is normal, in a nutshell. Next time, I'll talk about what truly is abnormal.

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