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Note from Joanny: I am going to participate at the Calgary Mom’s Trade Fair on Saturday, February 20, 2010 at the Radisson Hotel Trade Centre.

Brit is the owner and creator of this Trade Fair. Its purpose is "to provide work-at-home moms in Calgary a low cost way to promote their business. To also provide moms in Calgary with products and services that they might find useful. And to provide an area where moms that wish to work from home, a place to ask different business opportunities, questions in one place."

I’m going to be there to offer entrepreneurial Moms or parents, a new Workshop called "Break The Cycle: Create Your Path To Family Harmoni™". More details later.

Parents stay at home after the kids arrive because they want to be with them. If they also want to earn money at the same time, then they’ve got the life of their dreams. If that environment isn’t as happy or peaceful as Mom would like, then that affects every other aspect of life too. You don’t want Mom exhausted, for instance, trying to run the household,the kids, and the business, too! There’s no pleasure in that and defeats the reasons for being at home with the kids.

Dr. Joanny.

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PSS: It’s just days away from the Opening Ceremonies in Vancouver and boy, I’m excited.

Feature Article: Normal Has A Wide Range.
First, let me say that NORMAL is a wide range. Sure, there’s a lot of information out there about what an infant or child should be doing at what age. I used them as guidelines when I was a young parent, too. Please note "guidelines".

It was an eye opener when Nolan came along – 4 weeks early! Then I also got stuff about how he’d be late doing this and that. But all I saw was a beautiful bright little baby and that’s how I treated him. On the other hand, I remember being upset when at 7 or 8 months he hadn’t turned over by himself and my well-intentioned friends were encouraging him to roll over. All he did was smile brightly, happy for the attention he was getting!

He eventually did roll over. But he was quick at picking up language, speaking, and comprehending. He developed his cognitive skills before his physical skills. That’s the way he was.

Chinese medicine has a unique perspective regarding your human psyche. The Mind (shen) is most important. It resides in the energetic Heart. The Mind is included in a group of 5 mental spiritual aspects of your being: the Ethereal Soul, the Corporeal Soul, the Intellect, and the Will Power. The Mind integrates, coordinates, and controls the psychic influence of the four other spiritual aspects of your spirit.

The Heart controls all the mental activities of the Mind. It is responsible for thinking, implicit memory, explicit memory, consciousness, insight, cognition, sleep, intelligence, wisdom, the senses, and feeling and assessing your emotions.

You are born with two souls: the Ethereal Soil and the Corporeal Soul. The former resides in the energetic Liver. The latter resides in the energetic Lungs.

The Ethereal Soul is about movement outside of the individual. That means, you move physically towards your environment. You move socially towards your family and others in your community. You have intuition, inspiration, bright ideas, goals, and imagination. That's what drives you to move forward in life.

The part of the human brain that may be closest to its function, is the limbic system, which is responsible for your emotional life, family and social bonding.

The Corporeal Soul is about movement, too, but it's about building the physical body. Therefore movement is centripetal, separating, materializing, and aggregating. This is what develops the fetus and its organs. It is often referred to as the spark of life, the life force. The Corporeal Soul is all about you, the individual.

It’s responsible for all the physiological processes in the body, including the automatic ones, like breathing and the heartbeat. The part of the brain it may be associated with is the brain stem and cerebellum, which are responsible for unconscious activities such as the heartbeat, digestion, and breathing.

The Intellect is housed in the energetic Spleen. The Spleen is responsible for critical thinking, applied thinking, studying, memorizing, concentrating, and generating ideas.

If the Spleen flourishes, then your Intellect is sharp. You think clearly and critically. Your memory and concentration are great. You study well and easily generate ideas. These ideas are generated for your job or task that you’re doing. They differ from the ones generated by the Ethereal soul.

The Will Power is housed in the energetic Kidneys. Will power is your own ability to overcome laziness and procrastination. Will power is a combination of perseverance, determination, inner strength, and self-discipline. The 5 spiritual aspects overlap in function. When they are healthy and balanced, everything is well coordinated. Remember this philosophy about medicine is thousands of years old.

Today I gave you a brief introduction to very important aspects of psychic life and Chinese physiology in you. Over the next several weeks, you’re going to learn what human nature is really about, both in health and in dis-ease, what normal really is and what normal isn’t. I’ll draw from my entire life experience to show you real possibilities. The ramifications for both ADHD and Autism are astounding.

Lastly, I’ll show you what you can do about it. Can. Do.

In my practice, I want you to know that I don’t teach you to merely "fit in" society. Nope! The message I deliver is that you are different and the difference is fabulous and powerful. Then you live life with inspiration and joy!

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I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, an Empowerment Coach, and an Educator and Expert on the subjects of ADHD, Autism, Anger, and Insomnia.

I identify the heart of the matter, the true root cause. There isn’t any guesswork in Chinese medicine. A diagnosis in Chinese medicine is the cause. From there, you get a treatment and action plan. As you undergo that, you are on your way to healing.

By helping you to remove root causes, you will transform your life. Or do you merely want to manage symptoms?

The results of the treatments are the same regardless of gender, age, or race. What may differ is timing. Children have fewer issues and heal quickly. Adults are often more complex, but in the end, healing will still occur in a timely manner. It will be weeks or months, not years or never.

The result of working with me is more living, more life, and more joy. In record time.

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