Parents. Throw Out The Labels And Heal ADHD Autism With Chinese Medicine

Are you like so many parents whose children are facing some real obstacles? Has their Adhd Autism pushed them and you to the brink where you just can’t see a normal and happy family life? If you’re frustrated, I may have the perfect solution for you. You see, the beauty of Chinese Medicine is that it finds the imbalances in the body that are the true causes of a condition. Once you know this, then you can do something about it. Adhd Autism really are due to identifiable imbalances. Dr. Joanny LiuHi, I’m Dr. Joanny Liu. Welcome to my web site! ADHD or Autism do not have to be a part of your lives forever.

“Throw Out The Labels”

Your child is not the label. Get a fresh and positive perspective. Find out what good health looks like and what to do to get it.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or Autism Spectrum Disorder do not have to be a part of your lives forever.

My website is a rescue mission. It's about TRUTH. You've been led to believe something about your kids that just isn't true. ADHD Autism don't exist; they've been created out of a diagnostic handbook by medical doctors. Conventional doctors and other adults began to "see" a lot more than there really is and have created an epidemic. The original authors say it's NOT their fault. They have washed their hands of responsibility and accountability.

Please read the parenting section of my website. The reason why there are so many diagnoses for either autism and adhd or both (!) is because western medicine has created the perception that something is wrong with our children.

Let this sink in.

My attitude towards my own children was that they are perfect in being who they are. When you change your perception, and really work at it, then everything in your world changes too. Reject the lies. Rescue your kids before they believe the lies people say about them.

My website is a rescue mission.

Get off the drugs. Why don't they work? Or they only work temporarily? Stop wasting time with all of those therapies! Kids may change for a little while, but they often revert back to where they were.

That's because there's nothing WRONG with them at all! But there are side effects to the drugs and not to mention to fragile psyches and self esteem when worried parents hover over their off spring. That's why failure and heart ache are so common. There IS NOTHING to FIX. Let that sink in. It's so logical, it's ridiculous because the ADHD Autism epidemic is not based on concrete evidence.

You feel bad. Your kids feel bad. No one in conventional western medicine has the answers, BECAUSE they won't admit it. IN FACT, the sad truth is, they don't even know what NORMAL looks like or feels like!

That's right. They're great at labeling. They think that's a diagnosis. They know a lot about disease but they haven't got a clue about health. The information on my site does. It is ancient, in fact thousands of years old, but TRUTH is eternal. And my role here is an educator. So educate yourself. Be open to TRUTH.

ADHD Autism does not have to be a part of your lives forever. Most children as just being who they choose to be. Why are you trying to shove a square peg into a round hole? If it were just wooden pegs I wouldn't care, but these are wonderful beautiful children who deserve much more from us adults. Not victimization. No more.

"The opposite of courage is conformity."

You're welcome to look around my website for information that will set you on a new way of thinking. Chinese Medicine is about knowing what health is and keeping it. ADHD autism are just temporary road blocks in your child's life.

I look forward to serving you and your children. Let The Journey Of A Lifetime Begin.

Dr. Joanny.
Registered Acupuncturist, TCMD, P.Eng